Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: Mysterious Bolivian

Inventory: Coca Leaves & Other Ethnobotanicals 
Location: Boston, MA 
Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Web Address:

The Mysterious Bolivian is a website with a unique product offering among ethnobotanical vendors. Technically, their product line--specifically coca leaves in their natural form--is illegal to import into the U.S. But as far as anyone knows, this law is rarely if ever enforced. Their selection has grown exponentially in the past year to include kratom and hemp brownies (!), which makes them appear even more enticing/edgy depending on how you view things.

I ordered 2 items: the whole coca leaves and Liquid Coca Extract (no longer available on the website as of this writing). The whole leaves are pretty straightforward--dried coca leaves you chew with baking soda or another high-pH substance to activate the good stuff. Your mouth quickly goes numb, which is useful if you have a toothache. I also found it helpful for altitude sickness while driving through the mountains of Utah and Colorado. The numbness is followed by a mild stimulation akin to a cup of green tea.  No, really.  If you're looking for a strong energy buzz, stick to espresso.

The Coca Extract was more of a novelty product; something high-end to show off to friends at a fancy party. It tastes disgusting and also has the famed mouth-numbing effects. You're supposed to hold it in your mouth for a minute or so as it absorbs orally before swallowing. You can also add it to drinks like soda or liquor shots.  I didn't feel much of a head change from the liquid, but maybe I was doing it wrong.

Overall, the plain leaves are a better deal for the money and seemed to provide a more noticeable effect. As for the service? Don't expect to get what you order in a timely manner from Mysterious Bolivian and you won't be disappointed. Their Facebook page is full of complaints by customers who have waited weeks or months for their order. The longest I waited was 5 weeks, which was due to a stocking issue with the Coca Extract according to the person who took my order. They seem very disorganized as a company and often take orders for things they don't have in stock. The customer has to initiate communication and be on the ball or risk falling to the bottom of the pile.

 Regardless of the slow shipping time, I give Mysterious Bolivian 3.5 out of 5 stars for their unique product lineup and quality offerings. You won't find these items ANYWHERE else on the internet, whether you shop on the clearnet, deep net or somewhere in between.


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