Saturday, December 23, 2017

❄ Holiday Highs ❄


     I know I'm not the only one who enjoys indulging during the holidaze...especially at those dull, lame family get-togethers.  I generally pop a Fioricet or benzo to loosen up combined with my daily stimulant and kratom, which livens things up a bit.  
     I also make a habit of asking for a few LEGAL drug-related items on my X-mas list.  (I mean, I'd much rather have a shit-ton of pills like OxyContin & Adderall, but that ain't gonna happen).  Here's this year's list:

- 3 Benzedrex inhalers
- 2 Boxes of Panadeine (8mg codeine + 500mg APAP)
- A bag of coca leaves
- 5 to 10 kilos of Red-Veined kratom (gotta stock up in case of a ban!)
- A giant 10oz bottle of Black Seed Oil
- A sample pack of every high-CBD hemp strain (grown in Oregon, Nevada, Vermont, etc)
- A Snoop Dogg G-Pen to vape my legal herbs
- A box of BronkAid
- A large bottle or bag of Agmatine sulfate
- Several grams of pre-ban quality Tianeptine sodium AND sulfate
- A new Gemini-20 scale (mine's getting old)
- Some fancy CBD isolate or terpsolate to add to my bowls of herb

I hope Santa's in a giving mood.  If not, I'll have to spring for some of these myself with giftcards & cash.  What do you want to find in your stocking?     

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