Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review: Mysterious Bolivian

Name:  Mysterious Bolivian/K&K Holdings/Novoandina Store
Location:  Boston, MA
Products:  Coca leaves, tea, liquids; kratom; hemp.  
Rating:  1 of 5 stars

Mysterious Bolivian

Note:  This post is an update to a previous review of this vendor.  If you follow my blog, you might remember a post from 2017 about a seller called Mysterious Bolivian.  This vendor offers a variety of coca products to American customers from inside the U.S.  While their selection is quite impressive, some troubling signs have come up in the past few months that point to them being a scam (or at least unreliable). 

Firstly, they raised the prices of nearly all their items to insane--and I mean insane--amounts about a year ago.  100g of kratom costs $32 and a kilo goes for $180.  But that's not the worst of it.  You can also buy a kilo of coca leaves for $1,050 or some mouth-numbing, assy-tasting coca liquid for $52 a bottle.  And all of that would still be okay if you actually got what you paid for because, let's face it, coca products aren't exactly abundant in North America.  But that's not what happens.  Orders are often placed with the vendor accepting payment only to inform you they've run out of what you ordered.  You're then strung along for several weeks or months (or forever according to some customers) until you finally get what you overpaid for.  Sometimes with extra charges on your credit card.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is the post made on the company's Facebook page the other day.  It reads [paraphrasing]:

"Mysterious Bolivian (Reyes Avila) has not been reliable for some time.  They bring their products into the U.S. illegally & often don't ship after taking payments.  They will be under investigation soon, so don't place any orders with them going forward."

Yikes.  Of course the post is now removed from their Facebook page.  Last I checked, the post had one comment to the effect of "Yeah, it's been this way for years."  You can also find bad reviews on & probably other sites if you care to look.

In other words, this company does not appear to be trustworthy or safe to order from as of 2018. 

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