Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Vendor Review: Swirl Girl Inc's New Website

Name:  Swirl Girl Inc
Location:  Middle USA
Products:  Kratom, CBD & Hemp, Nootropics & Ethnobotanicals.
Website Link
Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars


A couple months ago, I hit up one of my favorite vendors' webpages only to find it had been deleted by Wordpress.  Upon contacting the vendor, it appears they "violated some terms of service" even though the site had existed peacefully with decent traffic since 2013.  You don't need a tinfoil hat to see that the internet is becoming more of a police state every day.  2018 has been the year of censorship for sites like Reddit, Youtube & Twitter, so it's only fitting these corporate creeps start silencing people on lesser known sites.  If you can't tell, I'm annoyed.

I've already reviewed Swirl Girl's wares here before but since they got a new webpage I thought I'd drop another quick one.  I ordered 1 kilo of primo kratom & a little something from their Hemporium which arrived today.  They now source their kratom directly from Indonesia which means it takes a few days for shipping, but the quality & prices are so worth it.  Their kratom is on point even though it's the rainy season over there which usually means crappy quality!  I paid $110 (shipping included!) for a split kilo of kratom containing the following strains:  White Jongkong, Super Green Malay, Red Coffee & Red Sunda.  So far I've tried all but the Red Coffee, and lemme tell ya, all are excellent.  And I say that as a daily kratom user of many years.  It takes a lot to impress me at this point.

Split kilo of kratom
I also picked up some CBD shatter that's ultra tasty.  They've got a new source for CBD products which is a few bucks cheaper than their older stuff so I picked up two grams:  Golden Pineapple & Blueberry OG.  The shatter itself is made from pure CBD isolate that's formed into hard little rocks that work great for vaping, sublingual use or sprinkling on top of a bowl of herbs.  You can even add it to food or hot drinks but it's much more effective when vaped or used sublingually.  (Some CBD is lost when it has to travel through the GI tract).  It's "full melt," meaning it melts completely when placed on a vape coil or other hot platform.  This shatter contains 3% plant-derived terpenes for an authentic, juicy flavor that really does give each "strain" its own unique effects.  The Blueberry is more of an evening/nighttime one while the Pineapple has more pep in its step.  Or you can mix 'em if you like to get REALLY crazy.  😁

I look forward to getting my migraines back under control with the CBD.  And it goes absolutely perfect with the kratom.  The synergy is just sublime. 

I've said it before but I'll say it again:  Swirl Girl Inc is a reliable vendor of ethnobotanicals & other legal items.  Highly recommend them.  The only drawback is the transit time with the kratom, which is generally 7-12 business days.  They usually throw in some extra goodies to make up for the longer waits though which is always appreciated.

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