Thursday, February 28, 2019

Legal Psychedelic Research Chemicals [General Review]

I've tried a butt-ton of research chemicals so I figured why not record some of my experiences & opinions for posterity?  The Golden Age of Research Chems is definitely over.  In the period between 2010-2013, I ingested a vast array of powders, pills & liquids that were technically legal if marked "Not For Human Consumption".  Some were amazing & life-changing...others were nightmarish.  Most were somewhere in the middle.

Let me preface this by saying that psychedelics are not a class of drugs that I respond well to in general.  That said, I did try a few RC hallucinogens in my day.  I also shared them with my circle of friends who enjoyed them far more than I.  Here's a round up of the ones I personally ingested.

O-Acetylpsilocin chemical structure.png
4-AcO-DMT ("Psilocetin")
4-AcO-DMT:  This is the most popular of all the RC tryptamines.  It is nearly identical to a shroom trip, as it is a prodrug of psilocin--one of the psychedelic compounds in mushrooms.  The trip lasts about 4 hours & comes to an abrupt but smooth halt once it's over.  It's easier to ingest than nasty fungi & also easier on the stomach in terms of nausea.  Some users find that the visual distortions produced by 4-AcO-DMT more closely resemble those produced by DMT than those produced by mushrooms.  I can't confirm or deny, as I've never tried DMT.  

I tripped in the hot tub on this one with my ex & then moved indoors where we listened to the radio & she danced wildly while I lay on the floor in the fetal position (my typical trip pose).  We suddenly heard president Obama's voice boom over the radio & both got a spooky feeling at the same time.  A shared psychedelic experience, perhaps.  That's what really stuck out from my 4-AcO trips.

4-HO-MET ("Metocin")
4-HO-MET:  Known lovingly as the "Rainbow Tryptamine," 4-HO-MET is a long-acting shroom-like psychedelic that gives everything a glittery sheen with hints of fuchsia deep in your mind's eye.  A hefty dose can last 10 hours & tends to give a nice after-glow the following hours/days after a trip.  Lower doses are pretty mild compared to other psychedelics but don't underestimate this trippy compound or you could end up overwhelmed with doses upwards of 25mg.  I once spent an entire day in bed traveling the depths of my psyche on this substance, envisioning ancestors up to the present day & realizing they stopped with me since I'm not having kids.  When things started getting heavy, Will Ferrell broke in to fart a fuchsia cloud in my face in comedic fashion.  I giggled out loud.  It was intense to say the least.  Felt very rejuvenated afterward though.

6-Apb ("Benzofury")
6-Apb:  People often compare this one to MDMA, but for me it's not even in the same universe.  6-Apb is far too psychedelic to be in the same category as Ecstasy or other empathogen stimulants like 4-FA or methylone.  To me, it felt more like a cross between mescaline & shrooms.  I've never done MDA but that might be a more apt comparison since MDA is trippier than MDMA.  I didn't particularly care for 6-Apb myself, but then again I was expecting a sociable "rolling" experience similar to MDMA.  Instead I got a 9-hour psychedelic trip that kicked in during a giant fashion show surrounded by hipsters.  Not ideal.  It felt kinda toxic too.  I looked very pale & sickly in the pics taken while on this drug.  I would not personally try it again but it was very popular on the grey market RC market, often sold under the brand name "Benzofury" in smoke shops despite not containing any benzodiazepine components. 

MXE ("Roflcoptr")
MXE:  Methoxetamine (MXE) is more of a dissociative than a true psychedelic, but boy was it popular on the RC scene for a while.  As such, I obviously had to branch out & try it even though I've never experimented with other dissociatives like ketamine, PCP or DXM.  Sure enough, I hated it.  MXE had a dark head space & all I did was write a creepy essay & brood over whatever was bothering me at the time.  Perhaps it would've been more fun had I been in a good mood to start with?  Likely, but some drugs just don't agree with some people.  I've had to accept this with psychedelics & depressants such as the GABAergics. 

If you're a creative person looking to detach from your inhibitions, MXE might be a good place to look.  But the fun factor just wasn't there for me.  I often find myself wondering how it compares to ketamine since the latter is said to be so miraculous for depression.  MXE was a bummer in my case.

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