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Panadeine: Cold Water Extraction Tek

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Panadeine is a low-dose codeine medicine containing 500mg acetaminophen + 8mg codeine per tablet.  They come in boxes of 120 pills, which are pretty lame on their own but work well for cold water extractions.  Panadeine is available over-the-counter in countries such as Sri Lanka & Australia & can be purchased online from a few sources.  Occasionally it pops up on eBay.

The legality of importing this low-dose codeine medicine into the U.S. is sketchy so I won't give up my vendor's name, but a Google Image search for "Panadeine" should take you to some photos of the product where you can then buy it.  To do a cold water extraction, I do the following:

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Mortar & pestle

- Use mortar & pestle to pulverize Panadeine tablets into fine powder.  I use about 15 tabs, or 120mg codeine.  But you can use more or less if you please.

- Dump powder into a sturdy glass or cup.  Fill with cold water.

- Stir vigorously for about 3 minutes.

- Place cup in the freezer for 30 minutes.  Cover w/ a lid to prevent spillage if necessary.

- Remove from freezer & strain into a 2nd cup through a coffee filter or micron filter.  Repeat a couple times by pouring back & forth to each cup through a filter to ensure all the APAP is removed.

That's it!  After your solution sits in the freezer for 30 minutes, you'll see the acetaminophen chunks settled on the bottom.  Try not to disturb them too much when moving your cups as they can clog your filters pretty badly.  Wet your coffee filter a bit first so it will not wick away your solution too much.  I like to run my solution through 4 separate coffee filters to make sure I'm not OD'ing on acetaminophen.  This can take a few hours if I don't sit there & actively squeeze the filters to help it along.  This part takes patience as the filters can break.  If you pierce one of the filters while using it, discard & replace it with a new one.

Don't use boiling water in your extraction.  It causes acetaminophen to dissolve with the codeine, which can be dangerous.  The goal is to separate the two substances by stirring & using the cold water so the bad stuff can be filtered out.  Too much acetaminophen (APAP) can cause death by liver failure, which occurs over the course of several days.  If you believe you've ingested too much acetaminophen (more than 4g in a day), head to the emergency room immediately.  The poisoning can be reversed but only for a short window of time.  After that, it's a slow & painful death.  This is why it's vital to remove the APAP from pills such as these.

Don't attempt a cold water extraction on pills that contain caffeine or other additional ingredients.  This method only works to remove acetaminophen from opiates like codeine, and it's possible to overdose on caffeine, ibuprofen or whatever else might be included in your pills.  It can however be done on other brands besides Panadeine, such as Rapidene or Empacod.  Just check the ingredients.

The resulting solution should look clear or cloudy without any white chunks.  Depending on what fillers are in your pills, it can also end up orange or various other colors too.  The important thing is making sure the solid sludge is removed.  That's the APAP.  Using filters with many microns helps ensure a quality strain.  Do not use one like this as it's sure to tear at the seams:

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Go for one like this instead:

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A codeine high is probably the most bland of all opioids except for maybe tramadol or Imodium (don't try the latter).  But it's still worth it for some of us who would rather not mess with street drugs containing fentanyl at this time & those who can't get a doctor's prescription to save our lives.  Literally.  For me, codeine is more of a "body high" opiate that provides warmth & muscle relaxation without the euphoric rush I get from oxycodone or stronger pills.  It's far too drowsy for daytime use but makes a good nightcap after a long shitty day.  It's essentially the opposite of tianeptine, which is a "mental opiate" that lacks any of the body high/relaxation of other opioids for me.  Not my first pick but beggars can't be choosers.

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