Sunday, March 31, 2019

Research Chemical Stimulants, Pt. 1 [General Review]

As stated in my other piece on psychedelic RC's, I've taken a pantload of research chemicals over the years.  Now I'd like to focus on my personal favorite class:  the amphetamine stimulants.  Fluoroamphetamines in particular.  These stims mimic drugs like Adderall and MDMA depending on the placement of their...uh, molecules.  Forgive me for not being very chemistry-savvy.  Here are the ones I tried:


2-Fluoroamphetamine - 2-Fluoroamphetamine (2-FA for short) is the most basic of all the fluoroamps.  It produces a stimulation that's very productive & good for things like homework or house work similar to how prescription stimulants work.  The biggest downside I consistently got was a worrying headache in the back of my head that felt like a sharp, stabbing pain when I'd take 2-FA.  It made me worry just how safe this one was so I tried to limit my use of it as much as possible.  But it was a decent standby when I could not obtain the others I preferred.


2-Fluoromethamphetamine - 2-FMA is my favorite of the functional fluoroamphetamines.  Compared to 2-FA, it has a much smoother effect & no headache at any dose.  The stimulation is extremely enjoyable & makes you want to be active physically.  I exercised a ton on 2-FMA & tianeptine, which was a brilliant combo when I was dealing with post-acute etizolam withdrawal.  Of course a drug that contains the word "methamphetamine" in the name is going to cause some trepidation, and rightfully so.  But I've tried actual meth once & they're not that similar.  2-FMA is oddly more stimulating than Adderall or Dexedrine for me, which have more of a sleepy effect at the low doses I've tried.  2-FMA will make you get up & moving instead of staying stuck in your head on a mental task but is not jittery like caffeine.  Best of all worlds.


4-Fluoroamphetamine - 4-FA was the first fluoroamphetamine I tried & by far the most fun.  This one is like a love child of Adderall & MDMA--a speedy roll that lasts hours & has less of a comedown than actual Ecstasy.  You feel incredibly social & outgoing without the whole cuddle puddle/sensory overload aspect.  But lord help you if you try to snort it.  The pain is like a mixture of battery acid with ghost pepper sauce sprinkled on top.  When I was in the depths of etizolam abuse I snorted a lot of 4-FA & my nose was in terrible shape.  My late 20s were awash in this pink sparkly powder & I don't regret it for the most part.

I eventually "lost the magic" presumably by damaging my serotonin receptors, so I quit all empathogens & went on Prozac.  It was an amazing run while it lasted but I won't miss the sleep paralysis, next-day depression & overheating of my 4-FA days.  Another side effect is rapid & extreme weight loss; more than with a straight-up stimulant.  4-FA raises body temperature, making it a thermogenic substance on top of its stimulant effects.  I got down to 117 lbs & my bones were showing at the height of my abuse.  There's no denying I was irresponsible with my often-daily use of this substance but it sure was a great time.


4-Fluoromethamphetamine - Since 4-FA was so wonderful, everyone assumed 4-FMA would be even better...especially since that was how it worked with the 2-FA/FMA series.  But most were sorely disappointed.  4-FMA produced little more than dysphoria & overheating for me & most other users.  It never took off to the degree the other 3 did.  Just goes to show you can never predict the effects of a substance based on its name alone.

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