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[Harm Reduction] - Can Meth Be Used Casually?

Yes.  The answer is yes for some people.  But.* 

*It's only 'yes' if you go into it knowing the risks & holding no illusions that you're immune to addiction.  All meth users begin as 'occasional' or weekend users whose weekends begin to get longer until they're using every day.  Rather than becoming "addicted after the first hit," they start off in control but gradually find excuses to use on "off" days & justify adding other drugs like benzos to the mix to help them come down.  Eventually it's an all day, every day thing.  They're using just to function & prevent crashing.  Nobody intends to become a toothless tweaker with holes in their skin & tin foil over their windows in the beginning.  So how do you avoid this fate? 

The only way to completely avoid it is to never try meth.  But since this is a harm reduction post, we'll focus on some other techniques.  What most meth addicts have in common is the route by which they take the drug.  This is usually via smoking or injecting, which provides an insanely addictive rush followed by a harsh & depressing crash.  If you want to lessen your risk of becoming addicted, don't smoke or inject meth.  Try eating or snorting a low dose of it instead.  The difference between snorting & smoking meth is equivalent to the difference between snorting & smoking cocaine.  People who snort coke can often use it socially while those who smoke it tend to become almost instant addicts.  Not always, but the chances are higher. 

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Avoid the glass dick if you don't want addiction
Another thing addicts have in common is having a steady supply of meth & a group of peers who use the drug.  If you have the ability to walk down the street or make a phone call & score meth, you will do so 10 times out of 10.  The one time I used meth, I bought it on the dark net with Bitcoins that were a gift from someone...a scenario that I knew was a one-time thing.  I knew I couldn't get more even if I loved it (which I did). 

That was 7 years ago & I haven't touched it since.  I also have other stimulants that I use on a daily basis that aren't as potent or addictive, which helps scratch that itch.  If your options are "meth or nothing," you may end up choosing meth.  Benzedrex or Adderall would be a safer alternative if used in moderation.  Not hanging out with tweakers is also a big help.  The temptation would likely be too big if I did.  Just avoiding exposure to the drug is huge. 

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Ditch the tweaker friends
Knowing that frequent meth use would impair my ability to enjoy ALL other stimulants & empathogens was a big deterrent.  Obviously it does a lot worse things, such as causing neurotoxicity & damage to the teeth, but as someone who loves substances the former was a big factor in my decision not to use it again.  Using the most potent drug in a class, whether it's fentanyl (opiates) or meth (stimulants) makes all their weaker counterparts ineffective & lackluster.  Eventually your drug of choice itself stops being euphoric, then what?  You're left with nothing in the pharmacopoeia that makes you feel good.  The only way to go from there is down.  Always opt for weaker drugs in a given class if you have the option. 

The way I see it:  You can either have a short, wild & chaotic drug run or a long-term responsible relationship with drugs that improves rather than complicates your life.  If you want your mind & body to hold up in the long term, you have to treat it well.  Drugs like meth, heroin & crack take more than they give.  They leave you broken & depleted, never fully satisfied & always seeking more while your body struggles to achieve homeostasis.  Once tried, you can never put the genie back in the can't "un-try" meth, so make damn sure you want to try it before you do. 

I could see it being useful for long treks across the country by car or other multi-day gatherings (Burning Man, Rainbow Gathering, etc), but beyond that there's just no need to have that much dopamine flooding your neurotransmitters.  Winning the lottery would feel bland by comparison, and that is very telling.  No substance should feel that good.  We're not wired to deal with it.  Our rewards should come from active things like exercise, a good meal or sex...not passive drug use.  Meth makes you stop caring about ALL those little things in life that used to matter, whether it's appreciating a beautiful day or spending time with your kids.  Eventually you stop enjoying meth as well when your dopamine supply is used up; then it's just a dysphoric ride to Hell with you stuck chasing the dragon and getting nowhere.  This sad cartoon sums it up perfectly:

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