Friday, July 26, 2019

[Review] - Empacod

Vendor:  Expat Shop
Location:  South Africa
Items:  Medicines, candy, toiletries
Rating:  1 of 5 stars

Expat Shop

I ordered two boxes of Empacod (codeine 20mg + 500mg acetaminophen) tablets in March from this South African store only to never receive them.  They did their part & shipped them--I know because I got the tracking number--but they never arrived & the tracking number didn't track the package beyond S. Africa.  This was a big loss for me since the two boxes cost $58.

I contacted them in late July--4 full months after ordering--via email to let them know it never arrived & I hadn't received a letter from customs to say it was seized, but they never responded.  Bummer.  I don't know their policy on lost/stolen items that go missing in transit, but they could've at least taken the time to email me back.  Even if they don't refund or reship, I would've appreciated an email telling me as much.  I certainly wasn't asking for anything for free.  I had another similar order go missing around the same time after clearing customs, so it's quite possible that's what happened here too.  But it's all speculation since they didn't get back to me or look into it.  IF customs is seizing these orders, they're doing so without sending any love letters which is unusual. 

If you're thinking of ordering from this store, don't.  Their tracking numbers don't work outside South Africa & they don't respond if your order goes missing en route.  Empacod is a great product so I was stoked to find a potential source only to be let down in the end.  I give them 1 of 5 stars for their selection & quick response to initial messages...none of which does much good if you don't receive your order.



    I have sent 15 emails and still have not had a response. When ordering items from the Expat shop , you are advised to sign a disclaimer(see details below highlighted in red)

    I understand that Expatshop will not be able to provide
    • updated tracking on the parcel or
    • estimated delivery dates as per the information I have received from the SA Post office
    • I will not institute a dispute on my credit card payment or PayPal for this order

    With this disclaimer you are basically giving up all your rights to :
    1) Query when the parcel was mailed.
    2) 2) Query , should the parcel get lost in transit.
    3) 3) Ask your credit card company to investigate.
    This is 100% in the company’s favour and 0% in my(the buyers favour)
    I asked Machelle what other options would be available to be and I never got a reply (after sending her 15 emails) and my order was simply cancelled without any prior notification form her

    Machelle , the owner of the business is super proficient in tracing and calling out people who gives her company a negative review online.
    (feel free to read previous google reviews on Doc Assist). Machelle gets really defensive when you question her integrity , not a good thing considering that she offers this service which is paid for by the client.
    I am curious to see what type of hogwash explanation Machelle comes up with for this review

    Do not do business with either DOC ASSIST OR THE EXPAT SHOP , you will end up being the loser.

    1. Thank you for your review & the warning! That's INSANE. You should never have to sign away your right to ask questions about an order you paid for. There are vendors out there who do their job without the attitude. I'm sorry that happened to you.


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