Tuesday, November 12, 2019

[Review] - Simple Cure: Berry White Vape Pod (1/2 gram)

Simple Cure is one of the most highly regarded brands in my state's medical marijuana industry.  They use CO2 extraction & produce full-spectrum products with native cannabis terpenes, which is apparently exceedingly rare.  (I've searched & there are only a handful of brands that offer all 3 of these features here).  So I was beyond excited when a local dispensary got some Simple Cure vape pods in stock.  I'd never used a pod system before but it looks easy enough.  The budtender showed me how to work the SQRL (pronounced: "Squirrel") brand battery & I was off to the races.

Back of pod box 

Simple Cure makes two main types of cartridges & pods:  "Harmony" (Sativa-Dominant) & "Tanglewood" (Indica-Dominant).  As much as I want to be a Sativa person who gets an energy boost from weed, it seems to have the opposite effect, with citrus-y Sativas making me more groggy & tired than most Indicas.  ADHD perhaps?  Maybe.  So I went for the Berry White strain of the Tanglewood variety, which is a type of weed I've been wanting to try forever.  Leafly describes it as about 60% calming with a balanced effect consisting of physical relaxation & mental euphoria.  Berry White is the offspring of the legendary Blueberry & White Widow with flowers of a blue hue & bright orange hairs.  Yum.

After charging the battery & priming the pod, I take a few puffs in the middle of a busy day.  The taste is subtle but delicious...reminiscent of pine with hints of cream.  And a little bit of lime.  I instantly feel a head change & slight relief from the migraine pain that's been ailing me on this ice cold wintery day.  The euphoric aspect is definitely there as well.  I try to take a nap but am unable, though I doubt the pod is to blame.  But it doesn't make me nearly as sedated as the Alaskan Thunderfuck cart I wrote about recently, which is supposed to be a "morning" strain.

Inner packaging

It took me a minute to figure out the pod system but it hits like a champ after priming.  I like it at least as well as the carts, if not better.  The Simple Cure products definitely smell like weed so don't expect discreetness if hitting this indoors.  But I'd say it's well worth the trade-off to know you're getting the potency & purity of the whole plant rather than hot dog water.  It just tastes so CLEAN.  Like hitting a bowl of frosty flower or hemp buds.  The pod contains 0.7 mL of liquid & no PG, VG or MCT.  Just raw cannabis extract with a total of 77.8% THC, 0.74% CBN & no CBD.  Each strain is unique in its cannabinoid content, unlike the plain distillate vapes.

SQRL battery & pod

The battery has two settings--"peak" and "micro"--which is also new for me.  (I'm used to working with 510-threaded Chinese batteries with no temperature settings, lol).  The micro setting produces very little vapor while the peak one seems to work better.  It came with a 90-day warranty which is cool too.  Interesting-looking white USB cord is included.  It is both wick & ceramic compatible (whatever that means) & contains a 400 mAh rechargeable internal battery.

Overall I give this Berry White Simple Cure pod a 4.8 of 5 stars for quality, potency & uniqueness.  Price is a bit high as they don't currently offer full-gram pods or carts but I go through these things VERY slowly so I don't mind.  This will last plenty long.  (I still haven't finished any of my cannabis vape carts yet because I hit them max 2-3 times per day).  I look forward to trying more of their Tanglewood (Indica-Dominant) strains and maybe even some Sativas.  Now that I have the battery I'm ready to hoard some Simple Cure pods!

Update:  After more extensive use, I'm noticing some throat irritation & shortness of breath after taking single hits of this vape at night.  At first I thought I was coming down with a cold but that's not the case--I only sneeze, cough & have a headache the morning after hitting the vape.  
     While I don't doubt the pod is free of carrier oils & thickeners/thinning agents, I do have concerns about whether the source weed was grown with pesticides or plant-growth regulators, or if the pod itself might contain dangerous metals.  I don't pretend to know.  There's definitely something in there I'm sensitive to, unfortunately.  Taking tiny single hits doesn't cause much problem but with all this vape cart stuff in the news I think I'll abstain from buying any more carts or pods going forward...at least until this state can tell us more about where & how the weed is grown & what's in the end product.    

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