Friday, March 6, 2020

[Review] - Kokatonic Coca Leaf Powder, 50 grams

Vendor:  Kokatonic
Location:  St. Louis, MO
Items:  Coca tea, powder & coca-themed merchandise.
Rating:  4.7 of 5 stars

I've reviewed this vendor before but thought I'd drop them another since I'm trying a different product this time around.  Kokatonic is a company operating out of St. Louis that offers a small variety of coca products ranging from Delisse brand tea bags to various powders up to several kilos in weight.  I hadn't tried the powder before so I decided to pick some up since it's cheaper than the tea bags I've been getting.  The main difference is that the tea contains larger particles & comes in ready-to-use bags while the powder is in one big bag of finely ground material.  I spent $36.49 total (shipping was free) for a 50 gram bag.

I like to use coca by putting a quid of it in my cheek & sucking on it for an hour or so, sometimes with a sprinkle of baking soda to help release the good stuff.  Since the powder contains smaller particles & is loose, I bought some heat-and-seal teabags on eBay to pack it in so I could use it the same way as the Delisse tea I've been using.  You can also ingest the powder in a smoothie or otherwise, but I find that it irritates my sensitive stomach (like everything else) so I'm sticking to the chew-and-suck method.

Cheap press-n-seal tea bags from eBay

For those who haven't used them, the heat-and-seal teabags are pretty simple:  you just put the plant material inside & seal them shut with a hot instrument like a hair straightener or hot iron.  I like to fill them about halfway full with the coca powder so they don't break in my mouth.  A few of them were defective & wouldn't seal, which was annoying but not a huge deal.*  The powder has pretty much the same effect as the tea--mildly stimulating with sharpened visual focus & sound sensitivity.  It smells potent and tastes fresher than the tea, sort of like kratom powder but more "green".  It's definitely more messy & somewhat hard to handle, especially if you open the bag too over-zealously.  But again, it's noticeable fresher too so there's that.

*Update:  EVERY LAST ONE of the teabags I filled & sealed has come open, likely due to the humidity in the air.  No matter--it's a huge inconvenience since their function is literally to seal shut with heat.  And they don't.  Guess I can try re-sealing them as I use them, but that's not very convenient.  Some of the coca powder spilled out when I went to grab them too.  Grrrr.  😾

Back of bag (15 calories!)

Is the extra "work" worth the savings?  Meh, I suppose so because I have plenty of time to do the filling of the teabags while working from home.  But if you're busy you should probably opt for the pre-packaged teas unless you're looking to actually eat the coca whole (which is a totally legit method of consumption).  I give Kokatonic Coca Leaf Powder a 4.7 4.8 of 5 stars for quality, price & shipping time.  I can't emphasize enough how convenient it is to have a domestic coca source that is on their game, sending out orders in a timely manner with no shipping fee.  Really hope these guys stick around.  Be sure to hit up their site & give them some business.  They take all major credit cards & several other payment methods.

Update:  Okay, so these heat-and-seal teabags don't break open in my mouth like I worried they would, and the coca powder is WAY more potent than the Delisse tea.  It had me geeked out all afternoon from one bag.  Too geeked.  Definitely go with the powder if you want the full coca experience.  Am upgrading the rating to 4.8 stars for potency.  

2nd Update:  While the powder itself is AMAZING, the fact that the heat-and-seal teabags did came unsealed makes this a less convenient option for me overall.  I can't fault the coca guys for that so I'm leaving the review as it is but will probably opt for the regular Delisse teabags next time.  Which sucks because I really liked this method.  

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