Tuesday, March 10, 2020

[Review] - Tatanol-Codein (80-count box)

Vendor:  haefele-65
Location:  Vietnam
Items:  Tatanol tablets, miscellaneous.  
Rating:  4.9 of 5
Website:  eBay.com

As a fan of codeine and frequent user of auction sites, I found these tablets on eBay while searching for my previous codeine staple.  Tatanol-Codein contains the exact same ingredients in the same doses (30mg codeine/500mg acetaminophen) but comes in boxes of 80 instead of 100.  Not quite as good but better than a kick in the ass! 

Shipping from foreign countries is always a gamble due to customs but haefele-65 guarantees delivery "no matter what," so I took the chance.  I ordered on Feb 24th & received it March 8, which is fast for international mail.  When you pay with Paypal as I did here, you can always file a dispute if your order doesn't arrive or the vendor disappears from eBay which I haven't had to do in years.  Most of them want you to contact them personally first, which I highly recommend doing before leaving an ugly review or filing a chargeback.  Be prepared for a long wait when ordering from overseas though--up to 2 months in some cases.  And do your research on the potential risks of ordering large amounts of things like this at once.  You don't want to get busted for distribution when you're actually ordering for personal use.  Be conservative, not greedy. 

Top view of open box

The Tatanol pills are round & thick and thus don't break in half easily, making them somewhat less convenient to dose than the Panactol Plus.  But again, I'm not complaining!  They get the job done, delivering a nice & warm 30 mg of codeine to the dome with every tablet.  These will come in handy if I get surgery & undoubtedly can't obtain as many pain meds as I need due to restrictive state laws that limit prescribing.  (See what your oppressive laws are driving us to, FDA?).  It's always good to have a doomsday supply of various meds in my humble opinion.  We're not hurting anyone & just want to be pain-free like the citizens of every other nation who can get these meds over-the-counter. 

To conclude, I give this order a 4.9 of 5 stars for shipping time & quality.  I was provided with a tracking number quickly & the order went out promptly too.  Could only be better if the price was a bit lower to reflect the reduced number of pills in the box (compared to the 100 in the Panactol Plus) and if it was shipped domestically.  But as long as it arrives eventually that's what counts.

Back of blister pack

If you're going to follow in my footsteps & order this type of item from an auction site, please do so responsibly & don't abuse the privilege.  Don't import large quantities at once, don't overdose & draw unwanted attention to these meds & don't get into public disputes with these kind vendors who are reaching out & selling to us American plebs.  In other words, be discreet & don't ruin it for the rest of us.  I realize that by blogging about it I'm not being very discreet but I'm doing so in the hopes of spreading awareness of safer use of these substances. 

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.  👲

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