Saturday, March 14, 2020

What's in Your Doomsday Stash?

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Annoying as it is, the coronavirus lockdown came at sort of a perfect time for me.  I just got a tooth pulled & was prescribed 30 Lortabs(!) the day before my dentist took leave due to the pandemic.  Score.  I also had 3 giant boxes of codeine tabs arrive along with some coca powder & other goodies.  So I'm set for the apocalypse.

But this quarantine situation has me thinking:  What would happen if my daily drugs of choice suddenly became unavailable for a long stretch?  I use stimulants & opioids every day along with an SSRI & mood stabilizer.  Most of these items come from various pharmacies--I don't buy anything from the black market.  Obviously I'd go into physical withdrawal if I ran out of the SSRI & opiates, which has happened before many times & is highly unpleasant.  The symptoms of both kinds of withdrawal are identical for me:  anxiety, irritability, cold sweats, yawning, fatigue, insomnia & nightmares/brain zaps.  SSRI withdrawal is slightly worse because it lasts around a month while opiate withdrawal only lasts a week at most (with the exception of opium poppy pods, which had me feeling crazy for 2 months after I quit).  Your mileage may vary. 

Thankfully, I've stockpiled enough kratom & codeine to shore up the Hoover Dam.  There will be no withdrawals even if the world goes to shit for a year.  Ditto for my antidepressants.  While I'm not proud to be dependent on stims & opiates, I think it's important to have boundaries & limits to prevent them from destroying your life, such as:

If you're going to get into daily use of an addictive substance, plan ahead so you don't run out in situations like this.  Not everyone has the means to buy drugs in bulk, I get that.  In that case it's better to opt for long-acting options like methadone or buprenorphine instead of heroin or oxycodone.  That way you're not having to seek out a fix every few hours as the drug wears off.  If these aren't available you can always ingest your drugs orally rather than smoking or IV, which generally results in longer-lasting effects.  That's certainly the case with meth, which has a much smoother & longer peak & comedown when taken by mouth.  Granted, IV, snorted & smoked methods provide a more powerful rush but if you're trying to save money or stretch out your supply, oral (and sometimes rectal) administration are the way to go with very few exceptions.

Another rule I have for myself is, if I DO run out, I will face the consequences like an adult rather than spending money I don't have, committing crime to finance my habit or associating with dangerous people to obtain my drug of choice.  If you can't stand the lows, don't get involved with the highs.  Withdrawals suck but as long as they're not the deadly kind (such as alcohol, benzo or barbiturate withdrawals), they're a normal & expected part of being a daily drug user.  Some heavy weed smokers even experience withdrawals, albeit nowhere near as severe as with harder drugs.  If you use your sick time to reflect on your drug use & how you want it to look once your supply is replenished, you can change things for the better & hopefully prevent it from happening again.  Well, once the diarrhea & dry heaves are over that is.

I'm aware of what a first-world problem this is, btw.  We're incredibly lucky to be discussing recreational drug shortages & not deaths in the street due to the virus & lack of infrastructure.  Hopefully it doesn't come to that.  But since this IS a drug blog I figured I'd ask:  What's in your doomsday stash?  What would you like to add to make it better for future emergencies?  What kind of activities do you like to engage in while high & confined to your house?  Some of my faves include:  blogging, sex, taking Lortabs & building dope playlists on Spotify; going for a sunrise jog with a bag of coca powder in my cheek; smoking a doob at the cemetery & chilling with my orange tabby cat Frank.

Here's a quick rundown of my drug stash if anyone is interested:

7 Lortabs, 7.5 mg (started with 30).
Many, many boxes of Tylenol #3.
Weed:  Gummies/chocolates, 3 vape cartridges, 2 home grown strains & 2 dispensary strains.
Xanax & Klonopin.
Coca tea & powder.
Kratom - Pounds of it, mostly red-vein.  
Bentyl (dicyclomine).
Benzedrex - 3 inhalers.
Caffeine tabs (200 mg each).
Black Seed Oil - 8 oz. 
Agmatine sulfate.
CBD flower & isolate.
Old Salvia divinorum leaf.
More Weed:  Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabis tincture.

Ideally I'd have some oxycodone or more hydrocodone in there, along with Adderall, Vyvanse or another prescription amphetamine.  But overall I'm pretty satisfied with what I have.  #gratitude 

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