Sunday, May 14, 2017

Review: Poppys Pods

Inventory:  Poppy pods, Soaps, Essential Oils, Dried Flowers.
Location: ??? (U.S.)
Rating:  4.3 of 5 stars
Web Address:  Website is no longer up as of June 2019

I learned about Poppys Pods back in 2011, when online poppy vendors were dwindling after the Arizona poppy farm bust.  In the poppy pod heyday, you could get 30 giant pods for $25-$30 on eBay or various websites.  They were abundant and beautiful.  Unfortunately, they're far harder to find these days and the quality tends to be much lower.  Oh, and the price charged by some vendors is laughable.  At one point, a popular vendor was selling single pods for $70 apiece.  FOR ONE POD!

Luckily the market is starting to rebound from those dark days, though it's not as robust as the Golden Age of 2006-2010.  Poppys Pods is an established vendor that has been there through the good times and bad, offering small orders of decent-quality pods to trusted customers.  I heard about him through the forums where he has a stellar reputation.  I've placed about 6 orders in all, every one of which went through without a hitch.

The drawbacks are that the quality is not quite as high as the Giganteum pods sold on eBay back in the day, and you have to email the webmaster of Poppys Pods to be accepted as a customer before ordering.  He doesn't take my chosen method of payment so I had to use a prepaid debit card, which was only slightly annoying.  But he always came through with golden brown medium sized Papaver somniferum pods full of viable seeds.  No mold or pesticides.  Packaging was discreet and Poppy himself is a friendly cat.

If you enjoy crafting with dried poppies or baking with the seeds, Poppys Pods is a great supplier for all your artistic or culinary needs.

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