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What's the Deal With: Benzedrex?

If you don't know what Benzedrex is, you're not alone.  This innocuous-looking inhaler sits among the cold medicines and nasal sprays at CVS and other pharmacies, rarely drawing attention to itself.  It sells for $5-$8 a pop and is used to treat nasal congestion.  Or at least, that's its intended use.  (Evil laugh). 

The other use for Benzedrex--active ingredient propylhexedrine--is to ingest it orally as a form of over-the-counter speed.  An online search for "Benzedrex high" reveals a mixed bag of results ranging from glowing reviews to horror stories.  Having used these bad boys for several years myself, I thought I'd share my tips to help you get the most out of your Benzedrex experience.  I'll begin with a list of "Don'ts" for all you impulsive blokes & lasses out there. 

1.)  Firstly, do not mess with this drug if you have hypertension or other serious heart problems.  It constricts blood vessels more than most stimulants, which can raise blood pressure and heart rate severely.  Taking a low dose and avoiding exercise or other stimulants can help offset this effect, but this drug is definitely not safe for everyone.  And this next bit is absolutely vital, so I'm going to yell it:


It could kill you.  In fact, it's likely to kill you even on the first try.  That's because Benzedrex induces brainstem dysfunction & other serious problems when injected.  The vast majority of Benzedrex deaths have happened in injection users.  It's not known exactly why injecting this drug is so deadly, but it just is.  So do not.

3.)  Next, do not eat the cotton.  It could cause a bowel obstruction and generally increases side effects like cramping and nausea.  And it's totally unnecessary.  The cotton is just a medium that carries the good stuff, not a part of the drug itself.

4.)  Finally, do not take the whole inhaler at once.  I don't know who decided 1 inhaler = 1 dose but this is faulty logic.  Back when propylhexedrine was prescribed as a weight loss drug (Eventin) or seizure medication ingredient (Barbexaclone), doses hovered around 25mg, not the 250mg in a Benzedrex inhaler.  Start low & go slow until you know how it affects you.  The result of taking too much is likely to be hypertensive headache, vomiting, stomach cramping, heart palpitations and sheer panic.  Or worse.  Overdose is the cause of most bad trips on this substance.

If you avoid those 4 major no-nos, you should be fine.  Now here's my personal preparation method for consuming Benzedrex.  You can alter this as needed once you have some experience.

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- Open inhaler.  Remove cotton rod and place in about 1.5 (measuring) cups' worth of water.  If you prefer to start with a smaller dose, cut the cotton in half & only put half of it in the water.

- Swirl, shake or stir the cotton rod around in the water to disperse the good stuff.  Leave the cotton in.  You can add lemon or lime juice to help with extraction if you wish, but in my experience it's unnecessary.  The propylhexedrine in Benzedrex is in freebase form so it leeches out into plain water just fine if shaken/stirred vigorously enough.

- Sip gradually, drinking only about 1/4th of the total water in the cup.  You can start sipping right away--there's no need to wait after adding the cotton to water.  After drinking it down, wait 45 minutes for effects to take hold (they don't kick in right away).

- After 45 minutes, if you don't feel sufficiently stimulated, drink half the amount of your previous dose.  Wait another 20 minutes and see how you feel.  (Repeat until you achieve desired effects, putting 20 minutes between each new dose).

- Store in refrigerator when done.

- As you drink down the solution, you can add a little more water to help extract all the medicine from the cotton.  I do this to the same cotton for about a week or so until it's fully spent.  Your solution will begin to smell & taste weak as it loses potency.

Additional Tips:

* If you save part of the cotton rod for later, make sure to put the entire inhaler back together & keep the lid on it to keep it fresh.

* If you're tempted to do a complicated extraction & smoke this drug, you should probably just go buy real drugs.  Not enough is known about how it affects the lungs to safely recommend smoking it.

* Leave the cotton rod in the water for as long as you keep the solution.  You can take it out and squeeze it when it's on its last leg for maximum mileage but throwing it away prematurely is a waste.

* If the taste bothers you, hold your breath while you swallow and chase it with soda or another strong flavored drink.

* Many people report "lavender burps" due to the lavender and menthol in the inhaler.  Taking an antacid with your dose might help prevent or lessen this effect.

* Don't combine Benzedrex with other stimulants or overly strenuous physical activity to avoid heart problems.


Most people compare Benzedrex to a low-key Adderall or meth buzz.  For those of us without access to prescription stimulants, this is the only source of ADHD/fatigue/depression treatment we have so please be responsible with your use so they don't get banned.  Never steal inhalers or abuse them with anyone under age 18.  Use responsibly to avoid hospital trips & bad press.  The less things like this are discussed openly, the less attention they'll get from the FDA & other regulatory agencies.  (Yes, I know I'm breaking my own rule by discussing it here but harm reduction is important). 

Happy speeding!  🏃💨

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