Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vendor Review: Morpoppy

Vendor Name:  Morpoppy
Location:  Arizona, USA
Products:  Dried & fresh poppy pods
Rating:  2.9 of 5 stars

If you happen to be a user of opium poppy pods, you've surely noticed that they've become more scarce & expensive since about 2011.  That's when I was forced to quit my daily habit due to a crackdown on the Arizona farms where a majority of pods were grown.  It was the longest opiate withdrawal I've ever gone through, lasting about 2.5 months total.  It's the only opioid I vowed to never let myself get dependent on again because the withdrawals were so daunting. 

Morpoppy is a vendor who has been around since my days as a pod tea drinker.  He's still around, sometimes, and if you can catch him when he's got some pods in stock you're in for a treat.  The problem is his stock is incredibly limited & pricey when it is available.  At one point he was selling a single jumbo pod for upwards of $80.  Crazy.  But Morpoppy also offers some enticing things I've not seen elsewhere, such as fresh green pods.  I never got the chance to try those but would love to just to see how they compare to the dried ones. 

He has a Facebook & Twitter account & operates in the open, selling a variety of dried "crafting supplies" and ornamental flowers.  As with most vendors, there are some negative reviews & ripoff reports in the mix so proceed with caution.  But the majority are positive.  This photo is displayed on their website.  It shows the different sizes of pods they offer:

Poppy Pod Sizes 2015 Summer Crop

They offer 1 lb. and half-pound orders but are completely out of stock at the moment.  Bummer.  I give Morpoppy a 2.9 of 5 stars due to their high quality products but lack of consistent stock.  There appear to be more consistent, affordable poppy vendors out there if you Google "dried poppy pods".  

(Keep in mind that opium poppy pods are technically illegal & you can be prosecuted if it's believed you're ingesting them.  It's best to order small quantities & keep your home free of drug paraphernalia in case you're caught by law enforcement).  

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