Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma (With Pics)

So.  While cruising on Leafly.com I decided to check out Oklahoma's new dispensaries & some of their menus.  Why Oklahoma?  Because it's one of the states with the harshest historical cannabis laws that recently enacted the most liberal medical marijuana law in the country--no qualifying condition list & doctors can Rx it for any reason they see fit.  This is bound to make for some...interesting...results.

Maybe I'm spoiled because I've been growing my own weed & spending time in the grower community, but I was not impressed by what I saw on those menus.  Not at all.  Many flower offerings are both brandless & the strain is unknown, yet the dispensary has taken it upon themselves to name the strain themselves.  THC/CBD content is not listed in most cases either.  Some look like they've been grown with PGR's or simply hacked away far too close to the bone.  Here are a few of the worst photos on offer:

"King Kong" (Unknown strain)

"Love Triangle"

"Northern Lights" (Unknown strain)


Three unknown strains & one terrible trim job!  Maybe this is typical dispensary fare--granted, I've never been in a dispensary so I can't say for certain.  But I was taken aback by the fugly appearance of these buds, some of which cost $20 per gram.  The 'Love Triangle' looks like something from my Mexican brickweed days in high school, except instead of bricks it's turds.  Most shops had one or two edibles on offer, if any.  And maybe a single vape cartridge.  :Sadface:

Here's hoping Oklahoma gets its medical mj program together soon.  Until then, growing your own is definitely the safest choice if you want quality flower. 


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