Saturday, October 3, 2020

That Time I Tried: LSD

It was scorching hot--May in Nevada--I was with some friends I didn't really like much at an event that was already overwhelming & decided this would be the best time to try that acid I'd been saving.  Yeah.  Not brilliant.  I got it from an online friend who was very nice but I never spoke to him again after our single hours-long chat.  Nonetheless, it was legit quality LSD & I was glad for the chance to try it, more out of curiosity than as a highly coveted drug.  

Psychedelics don't tend to agree with my biochemistry & I knew that going in but wanted to be able to say I'd tried it, sort of like how I tried meth just to compare it to other stimulants.  By now I'd tried a ton of weird psychedelic research chemicals & plants, from San Pedro cactus & shrooms to 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-DMT & 6-Apb.  So it seemed like a logical progression to try one of the classics.    

LSD blotter paper

I dosed in the late morning & went on a walk through the festival grounds.  Within 45 minutes I was feeling that wavy weirdness that lets you know the psychedelia is setting in.  It was so strong I had to go sit down in the shade at our camp where I spent the entire day.  Most of the trip I actually spent in our dusty tent which was WAY too hot but I couldn't bear being around human beings at that point.  Loud, drunk humans at that.  My usual social discomfort was turned up to 11 as was my low mood.  The dusty heat didn't help.

For hours I lay there contemplating "the point" of social interaction & life in general while spritzing my body with a bottle of hot water.  Misery.  My mind swirled with overly analytical thoughts of my place in the world & other depressing topics as I lay in the fetal position wishing it would wear off.  I may have taken an etizolam at some point to hasten the comedown but it didn't really work.  I was in the midst of my etiz abuse during this period which was the absolute low point of my adult life.  (Until etizolam withdrawal the following year, that is).  

LSD microdots, a less common form

By about 4 p.m. I got a serious craving for junk food so I downed a bunch of greasy potato chips & sour candy which is not out of the norm for me.  A few hours later as the trip was mercifully wearing off, the bowel cramping started.  I was hit with diarrhea & nausea that eclipsed the worst IBS flareup imaginable, causing me to make about 8 desperate runs across the playa to the Port-O-Potties until a friend gave me an Imodium.  Is acid known for triggering diarrhea?  The food had not had time to make it to my lower intestine, that's for sure.  Awful.  Shitty end to a shitty day.  Pun definitely intended.

The afterglow was nice.  We watched fireworks & I counted my lucky stars that the shitshow was over.  That was my last psychedelic trip to this day--2012.  At no point did I feel panicked or anxious:  just depressed & bummed out.  And physically miserable.  This is how all my psychedelic trips go so at some point I decided to stop trying to cram a square peg into a round hole & leave that class of drugs be.  I might microdose on shrooms or something again in the future but there will be no more LSD or desert tripping.  

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