Tuesday, November 10, 2020

That Time I Tried: 6-Apb

Taking it back to my research chemical days, during the freezing month of January 2012 I decided to give 6-Apb a whirl.  I'd read that it was similar to MDA or MDMA & made for a euphoric party drug, though with somewhat of a more psychedelic effect.  Y'all already know I'm not a huge psychedelic fan but I was reassured it was more MDMA-like than psychedelic.  The lie detector determined THAT was a lie.  I bought a pressed pill online from a highly respected vendor & waited until the right time to drop it, which was at a fashion/art show at some hipster place downtown.  As always, I took only half the pill due to my small body size & general sensitivity to drugs, plus the fact that this was an entirely new substance for me.  Turned out to be a good choice.

I also took small amounts of 4-FA which was something I was eating daily at that point.  The 6-Apb started kicking in on the way to the event in the car.  Typical psychedelic mushroom-like effects.  Uh-oh.  Just what I hoped wouldn't happen.  I don't do well at big social events as it is but particularly on psychedelics and ESPECIALLY on novel ones I've never touched before.  I snapped a few pics at the event, talked to a guy I knew & then we bailed.  It felt like all the tight-jeaned hipsters were staring at me (they probably were) but I just kept it moving.  

6-Apb (branded "Benzo Fury" for some reason)

We went to a fancy-shmansy coffee shop afterward where I got a raspberry hot chocolate.  Not sure why this detail sticks out but it was really fucking tasty.  My now-ex took a pic of me & I looked as terrible as I felt:  pale, thin & washed out.  I'd just come through a long 3-month opium poppy withdrawal & lost a bunch of weight but the pallor was definitely from the 6-Apb.  The rest of the trip was spent curled up in the fetal position in bed.  In total it probably lasted about 9 hours.  The effects were somewhere between mescaline & shrooms with absolutely NO MDMA-like effects.  Even with the 4-FA mixed in.  It just felt really toxic in a way that's hard to describe.  I think I may have read about cardiotoxicity after the fact which makes sense.  

Anyway, I would only recommend 6-Apb if you like other psychedelics.  It has lots of glowing reviews online so I was sorely disappointed with the effects.  And this particular vendor had no bad reviews so it wasn't that.  Just a case of my biochemistry not aligning with the substance.  Again.  

6-Apb powder

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