Thursday, December 28, 2017

#OurPain News Series Shows Other Side of Opioid Crisis

Most of us are so sick of hearing the words "Opioid Crisis" we could puke.  But this news series is different.  It goes above & beyond to show the other side of the opiate crackdown.  It delves into the chronic pain issue from many angles, exposing the crookedness of the FDA & the fear of doctors forced to choose between managing patients' pain & potentially losing their license.  The most interesting tidbit was the part about pharmacies "blacklisting" certain doctors & patients based on arbitrary factors like appearance.  (I had many instances where I felt the CVS pharmacists were sizing me up--now I know it wasn't just paranoia).  Most touchingly, they shared the testimonies of pain patients, some of whom had considered or attempted suicide due to untreated pain. 

Las Vegas KLAS-TV is to be commended for engaging in actual journalism instead of just regurgitating headlines about opioid deaths (most of which are caused by illicit opiates like heroin & street fentanyl, NOT prescription opioids).  I encourage everyone to watch this video for a more balanced view of what increased regulations are doing to legitimate pain sufferers.  Addiction sucks, but untreated or under-treated pain can suck more.  It can even kill. 

If you have time, take a few seconds to thank this news station for their honesty & integrity on their website.  I just did.

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