Monday, January 15, 2018

Review: Aether Naturals CBD Shatter

"Skywalker" variety

Aether Naturals (which leads to the website "" when you type in the web address on the package) makes a variety of CBD products such as shatter, capsules full of clear oil & vape pens.  Oddly, they don't appear to have any reviews or fanfare on the web based on numerous searches but I guess no news is good news?  Again, wanting to splurge with my Christmas money I chose to pick up 0.5g of the $24 shatter to give it a try.  I'm a CBD fan who's only tried a few methods so I wanted to branch out.  They post lab results on the website for most of their stuff, so why not? 

The shatter/wax is a translucent white chunk that smells of gasoline & citrus.  It contains 90% CBD isolate & 10% terpenes derived from hemp, as well as undisclosed "natural flavors".  They offer 15 varieties, a few of which include: Blueberry Kush, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookie, Tangie, Grand Daddy Purple & Bubble Gum.  I chose the Sour Diesel because it's one of my all-time favorite cannabis strains.  I also picked up a cheap wax atomizer globe to vape with.  I already have a 510-threaded battery so I'm hoping this works out.  I'm no vaping pro.  My plan is to try vaping with a Snoop Dogg G-Pen for dry herbs.  If that doesn't work, I'll put the Snoop battery on a wax atomizer & try that.  If that fails, we'll move on to smoking the shatter on top of some herbs in a bowl.

Makeshift vape piece.

Shatter can be used in a number of ways:  vaped, sublingual & orally.  You can add it to a warm beverage or put it in a joint of herb as long as you don't apply fire directly to it.  If you don't mind the taste, you can just eat it plain.  I'm gonna try all three. 

The smell is not really true to the Sour Diesel strain of cannabis--it's more like an astringent lemon/lime scent.  It's about the right strength:  not overwhelming or too weak.  It's missing the "diesel" stench of the strain, but no matter.  I'm here for the medicinal effects. 

My first attempt with the G-Pen is a wash, so I'm moving on to the G-Pen battery + the wax globe atomizer shown in the photo above.  The biggest challenge is loading the crumbly, waxy shatter onto the vape coils without it falling beneath them.  Jeez.  It's a perfect balancing act.  Hold the pen perfectly upright while you're taking your draw or it will likely need to be readjusted.  While the battery is a little weak, I managed to get a decent hit and am feeling the calm/happy clarity that CBD produces.  The taste?  Not great.  Reminiscent of burnt limes.'ll know it when you taste it.

Now on to sublingual.  Despite the gross vape flavor, the taste of the shatter itself is not that bad.  I let it sit under my tongue for about 20 minutes until it's mushy before swallowing.  Hmmm.  Okay.  To finish this experiment off, I'll add a few crumbs of this shatter to a bowl of legal hemp buds (Cherry Wine & ACDC strains). Trying not to directly burn the wax, I lightly hit the bowl & hold it in.  Rinse, repeat.  The smoke is noticeably thicker than usual & I'm getting that distinct burnt lime taste again.  Definitely feeling "it" now.  I get the feeling this product is a tad more "full-spectrum" than I'm used to, as I do feel a bit buzzed.  But my tolerance to THC is near zero.  It could easily be placebo effect.
My actual sample

I know the line goes that CBD is not psychoactive, and for the most part it's least not in the mind-bending way THC is.  But there is a subtle feeling of quiet that fills your head; a slight numbness in your limbs & a well-being if you're tuned in to your body's signals.  That is, if you don't already have a giant weed tolerance or unrealistic expectations.  I'd recommend Aether Naturals/Alchemie CBD to anyone who likes to vape or dab and enjoys a taste of terps with their medicine. Though I might go with a different "strain" next time if I'm gonna ingest it...this Sour D is a bit much for my taste buds. 


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