Sunday, June 14, 2020

[Review] - Canna Haus Farms CBD Flower: Hawaiian Haze (7 grams)

Vendor:  Canna Haus Farms
Location:  Wisconsin, USA.
Items:  Hemp flower, dog tincture, pre-rolls, honey & CBD rosin.
Rating:  4.8 of 5 stars

If you read my cannabis flower reviews you'll know I like to cut my joints with a generous pinch of hemp/CBD flower to mellow out the THC.  But lately I've run out of CBD bud & have been using hemp LEAF from teabags which is harsh af.  Not ideal for my lungs in a time of COVID.  So I decided to splurge on some decent flower from an online vendor.  I went to Reddit's /r/CBDFlower sub & checked out their vendor spreadsheet to see what's good.  I wasn't being picky whatsoever as all CBD flower is basically the same--I just need something that's dried & cured well & won't hit too harshly.

I settled on Canna Haus.  No real reason, it was the second vendor I clicked & looked good enough.  I paid $15 + $3 shipping for 7 grams of Hawaiian Haze CBD flower in a bag--they also have glass jars for a little extra dough.  The strain is described as "floral smelling with a taste of ripe tropical fruit" and slow-cured/hand-trimmed which is good enough for me.  It has 4 positive 5-star reviews that aren't too descriptive, one describing it as a 'chattery, calm' effect.  Hawaiian Haze has a 14.4% CBD content which is average to good for hemp bud.  They also had a bunch of other strains including Lifter, Suver Haze, Painted Lady, Berry Blossom & T1 Trump (lol).  I paid with credit card with no issues.

I received my order 6 days late due to coronavirus affecting the postal system.  Shipping was First Class.  Hawaiian Haze is said to be a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a total THC content not exceeding 0.03% as required by law.  The smell is absolutely heavenly--pure citrus with a hint of Skittles and skunk.  Good enough to eat.  It's all small buds--no leaf material.  Looks better than the weed I smoked in high school at any rate.

Hawaiian Haze; 7 grams in zipper pouch

It breaks up well & is the right consistency.  Not too wet or dry.  I pack it into a joint along with my usual fare (a small smattering of East Coast Diesel) where I find that it burns smoothly...much more smoothly than those damn hemp leaves I was smoking.  The joint takes a lot longer to finish and burns more evenly but clogs up severely at the tip with resin.  This just proves it's quality hemp I guess?

Before overcoming my migraines, I was a regular smoker of plain hemp flower (without added cannabis bud) as it helped immensely with the pain.  This strain seems like a great candidate for that purpose.  Not everyone is into getting high.  I find that CBD flower provides jusssst the right amount of mental clarity without spilling over into "noticeably stoned/paranoid" territory.  This joint contained about 85% hemp to 15% weed.

Overall I give Hawaiian Haze from Canna Haus a 4.8 of 5 stars for quality, price & appearance.  It was perfect in every way except the clogging with goo aspect, and I guess that's a sign of quality more than anything.  I've never had hemp do that so it was unexpected.

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