Monday, November 30, 2020

Fentanyl: 10 Dollar Death Trip

In Canada, much like the U.S, fentanyl has taken over as the leading cause of opioid-related overdose death and addiction.  It leaves thousands of addicts strung out in its grip on the streets, homeless and committing crime to support their habit while they wait to be jailed or die.  Unlike in America however, Canadians in certain provinces have access to new programs that allow them to access humane treatments like on-site pharmaceutical-grade heroin injections and Dilaudid from vending machines.  While controversial, these programs are already showing great promise in reducing overdose deaths, violent crime & property crime.  

To kick off opioid/depressant season here at the blog, here's a fascinating & heartbreaking documentary by DW I found on Youtube.  Check it out & leave your comments in the section below.  



  1. I won't lie, I've been enjoying your thoughts since first discovering your blog a year(ish?) ago. My favorite post to-date? Your article on the lovable, bumpable, indisputable kings of harmony: the one and only Thuggish Ruggish Bone. From one true fan to another: keep up the good work.

  2. Aww, THANKS! That means so much to me. As someone who just writes about random topics without much of a following, it's comments like this that keep me going. (Cause it ain't the money lol). Hope all is well in your world, Unknown.

    Also: BTNH 4 lyfe! :P


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