Wednesday, December 9, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Simple Cure THC/CBD Gummies (Sativa Dominant)

As a long-time fan of Simple Cure gummies and to a lesser extent, their chocolates, I've wanted to try these CBD dominant gummies for a while.  So why haven't I?  The price was a bit prohibitive:  at $28.95 per bag, I wanted to be sure they were what I really wanted.  Since I was already stocked up on every THC dominant edible in existence, now was the time.  

So what's different about these?  A lot, actually.  Each gummy contains 30 mg CBD and 10 mg THC--a 3:1 ratio--for a much smoother effect than the pure THC gummies.  That's why I opted for the sativa ones.  Normally, sativa edibles are FAR too palpitation-inducing to be enjoyable, but with the added CBD I figured they'd be just right.  (They were).  The flavor is a lot more bitter & unpleasant than the regular ones but I'm not eating them for the taste.  They're drugs, after all.  I'd prefer a bad taste and potent effects than the opposite.  By far.  But it's something they could work on.  Each bag contains 10 gummies for a total of 100 mg THC per bag and 300 mg CBD, so overall it's not a bad deal at that price.  Regular Simple Cure bags contain only 5 gummies or chocolates.  Only 15 calories per gummy.  

Simple Cure 3:1 Gummy

The effects are ideal for nighttime use.  I can tolerate a larger dose than the pure THC ones without getting anxious or paranoid, and the dreams they induce are quite pleasant.  I also find them more effective for migraines due to the CBD content.  The only real downside is the bitter taste.  If you're looking for a "high" or head change however, skip these & go for the plain THC ones.  There's a bit of a buzz but it's nothing like the others.  But if you need something with both CBD and THC for medicinal purposes, these are definitely worth the $$$.  I like to take these before bed and a THC one in the morning when I wake up too early to knock me back out, which happens a lot these days.  

Simple Cure gummies are well-made and contain reliable doses in each unit (i.e. no "hot spots" or weak spots in some pieces).  They don't melt or get too stale after opening either as long as you keep them out of the heat and sun.  I give Simple Cure THC/CBD Sativa-Dominant Gummies a 4.8 of 5 stars for quality, uniqueness & effectiveness.  Had to dock some points for the flavor but that's my only complaint.  

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