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Peak Trans: The Challenor Saga & Peddit's Radfem Censorship

I'm writing this article in the wake of the Aimee Challenor scandal at Reddit, which re-opened the wound of being banished from the Gender Critical communities there.  Meanwhile, the communities MOCKING Gender Critical (i.e. /r/GenderCynical) are allowed to remain intact.  At this rate, there won't be anywhere left on the internet for views like mine.  That should scare & enrage everyone regardless of your views on this issue.  It's a sad day when the "progressive left" is this openly pro-censorship & apathetic about pedophilia while reserving their vitriol for women who dare to stand up for our right to maintain sex-segregated spaces and bodily autonomy against the trans rights lobby.

Aimee Challenor, former Reddit admin

The Sexism of the Trans Rights Movement

Biological sex is material reality; gender identity is regressive trash.  You can't identify into an oppressed class like "woman," "Black" or "disabled" because you can't identify OUT of those things--they're material realities for billions of people in the world.  If I was to claim I was blind or schizophrenic (I'm not); that would be morally repugnant for all the same reasons it's offensive for a man to claim womanhood or a white person to claim to be Black or Native American.  

Men can wear dresses, makeup and have long hair all they want.  The idea that skirts are for girls and pants are for boys is a totally fabricated, man-made concept anyway.  But know this:  WEARING THOSE THINGS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A WOMAN ANY MORE THAN STANDING IN A GARAGE MAKES ME A CAR.  Nor does taking exogenous estrogen or having plastic surgery to alter your reproductive organs.  More importantly, you aren't suddenly entitled to women's restrooms, sports, prisons, shelters, rape crisis centers or other spaces simply because you "identify" as a woman, whatever that means.  The belief that this is the way it should be is an entirely new invention that's sprung to public consciousness in the last 15 years or less.  It's the latest battle in the Culture Wars® meant to distract us from the million and one ways our plutocrat overlords are fucking us all over.  And it's working.  

The rapid rise in the number of people--both adults and kids--who identify as transgender in the past decade or so--has all the makings of a mass psychogenic illness.  And there are constantly new parameters being added and goalposts being moved.  If you call these "folx" out on their hypocrisies, they simply fire back with something like "what does it cost you to respect someone's identity?" or similar.  It costs me a lot, as a matter of fact.  My physical safety, my right to identify as a woman rather than a "vagina-haver" and the like, as well as my right to speak freely about my own lived experiences on the internet on sites like Reddit, which I'll get into in a minute.

And check out these actual screencaps of transwomen and activists making vile and violent threats against lesbians who put up boundaries around their own sexuality.  Questioning women's consent and sexual boundaries?  Super progressive.  

PsyOp 👁 Mind Control

The thing is, this whole trans rights movement is not about protecting trans people from physical harm or gaining equal rights like housing, marriage equality and equal employment.  It's about forcing everyone to unquestioningly jump through every new flaming hoop no matter how ridiculous (see:  actor who prefers "tree/treeself" pronouns & how Twitter falls all over itself to accommodate this nonsense).  It's about seeing how far and how fast they can push the general public to swallow new levels of absurdity; putting the comfort of a minuscule minority of the population above the safety of all women and children.  It enables one-way only violence in which trans rights activists threaten & slander once beloved figures like JK Rowling while censoring anyone who dares to even have a point of view in the opposing direction--even when they are extremely careful to avoid violence or slurs.  It's about silencing dissent.  

In 2020, Reddit banned every long-standing sub that had anything to do with radical feminism or gender critical content, which included several gay and lesbian communities.  Decades of discussion erased in an instant.  But Reddit is moderated by pedophiles and trans activists, with significant overlap between the two at times.  This whole Aimee Challenor scandal is too deep a rabbithole to get into here, but I strongly urge you to Google it for yourself.  

(P)Reddit hates women.

Short version:  Challenor was a politician whose father was a rapist and whose husband is a self-confessed pedophile who was HIRED by Reddit to admin and moderate many subs, including several having to do with child/teen content.  He had a hand in the banning and removal of said gender critical subs in 2020, yet that ban remains in place even after they "discovered" he was knee-deep in pedophilia & fired him.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Head over to Graham Linehan's blog (linked above) for the full story.  Big Tech is in the back pocket of trans activists so we can expect this trend to continue.  It's not over.  Check out the pedophilia apologia from one day after Challenor's firing--the comments in particular.  It's no better on Twitter or Tumblr.  

There's been a concerted effort to groom the world into accepting pedophilia as a sexual orientation or another garden variety mental illness worthy of sympathy in the past few years, coinciding suspiciously with the rise of the trans rights movement.  Much of this has taken place on the internet where these tech bros-in-lipstick are working in their cushy Silicon Valley programming jobs.  Just look how often trans-related issues trend on Twitter.  These things are of almost no consequence in the real world as trans people are a tiny fraction of the population, but by the looks of it you'd think pronouns were the #1 political issue facing our nation.  That's by design.  

Gender:  Today's stand-in for personality.

At the time of this writing, there are 32 official genders and almost as many sexual orientations.  The vast majority of thinking people know this is bullshit regardless of political leanings, yet it's being pushed on us hard by the media, certain political parties and of course social media/tech.  Anyone who disagrees is labeled a TERF or lumped in with conservatives or religious fanatics.  It's perfectly fine to deploy ageism by calling someone a "Boomer" if they call this retardation out for what it is.  Trans are the current sacred cow--anyone who disagrees is fair game to be dragged by any means necessary.  No blow is too low.  

Let me put this out there now:  I'm about as leftist as they come:  a socialist to my core, agnostic in my religious beliefs (atheist leaning) with no tolerance for violence or injustice to anyone.  The idea that a bunch of left-leaning feminists would suddenly make a hard right turn over this one issue for no reason is ridiculous.  Look deeper.  We were on board with the trans rights movement until they trampled our right to safety and bodily autonomy.  

Grooming A Generation

Girl of unknown age gets "top surgery" (source: Twitter)

Children are perhaps the biggest casualty in this trans insanity.  Whether they transition "socially" or go through with more extreme body modification, it can have a drastic and lasting impact on their life.  What the kids taken in by this nonsense don't seem to realize is that they're substituting all these genders for a personality.  

The brain isn't finished developing until sometime around age 25, and even that is iffy.  The pre-teen and teen years are absolutely tumultuous in terms of forming an identity.  Puberty is fucking rocky for the best of us--voices crack, acne pops up, girls develop at wildly different rates from their female peers, libido kicks in and that's just the beginning.  Look back through your middle or high-school yearbook and see how many different styles and "looks" you had... how many social development phases you went through.  Sporty, girly, tomboy, jock, preppy, goth, thug, skater, etc.  Maybe you experimented with your sexuality or maybe you already knew what you were into.  Your friend groups and extracurricular activities likely changed dramatically over time.  Your first love, let alone your first crush?  Your "dream career"?  How different were those things back then vs. now?  No matter what these years looked like for you, there's no denying you were NOT who you would go on to be in adulthood back then.  None of us were.  

Now imagine making a decision that could forever alter your fertility & sexual function before puberty even set in.  That's what kids who take puberty blockers are doing.  And they're making that decision in the midst of a social media and peer-driven hysteria that's influencing the decision in ways they can't fully grasp yet.  The vast majority of kids who take puberty blockers go on to take cross-sex hormones, so the argument that it's "reversible" is kind of bullshit.  Plus, nobody really knows the effects of taking Lupron during this vital developmental stage and then stopping.  Is puberty delayed, altered, or does it just not happen?  Do the genitals grow to their full, functional potential?  Does your brain?  Your bones?  

Yet trans activists talk so flippantly about puberty blockers you'd think they were Tic Tacs.  One activist recently suggested we place ALL kids on them until they can decide their gender "for themselves".  While not likely to ever happen, this is the kind of rhetoric kids are being exposed to online.  This idea that their chromosomes, gametes and the very hormones flowing through their bodies are of absolutely no consequence and that some elusive "gender identity" trumps all is pushed with cult-like zeal by people who seem to have an ulterior motive.  Wonder what it could be?  

More worrying is the sky-high rate of autism in trans-identifying kids, many of whom are also gay.  The most recent study--and largest to date--shows that 24% of trans-identifying people have autism compared to only 5% of cis or non-trans people.  Think about the ethical implications of that.  Gay kids are often gender non-conforming.  Does that mean it's okay to push them into a lifetime of conversion therapy with hormones & surgery so they can conform to societal norms & live as faux-heterosexuals?  

This isn't a theoretical argument for me:  I'm an autistic lesbian who very much wanted to be a boy from a very young age.  Then I grew up and realized I was actually just a lesbian who resented sexist double standards & the forced femininity & sexualization of my existence that all women go through.  So, a feminist lesbian.  And thank God I wasn't raised in today's oppressive climate or my homophobic parents might've allowed me to do what so many other young gay girls are doing:  making the leap from tomboy-butch to trans "man".  And they're doing that because having a straight son is preferable to having a gay daughter in many parts of the country.  That's how it's done in Iran, where homosexuality is 100% illegal but sex reassignment surgery is performed regularly so gay couples can stay together due to a loophole in the Quran.  If you think our conservative Christian society is more enlightened than their conservative Muslim one, think again.  

America's Christian right vs. Iran's Muslim majority: not so different

No matter how progressive the trans movement bills itself as, it's regressive as hell and has nothing in common with the LGB part of the rainbow.  In fact, the two are at odds and should no longer be lumped in together politically or otherwise.  The trans rights people will tell you themselves, "Gender identity is completely separate from sexual orientation.  The two are unrelated."  Great.  Then it's time for the T's & Q's to create their own movements, safe spaces & sports leagues like the rest of us have had to.  If transwomen feel unsafe around men in prisons or bathrooms, that's a very real and unfortunate issue.  They should take it up with the heterosexual males who are committing violence against them and the institutions that allow it to occur, NOT with innocent women who have been dealing with the same violence since the dawn of time.  Where are their hateful names like "TERF" & "feminazi"?  Why are these slurs reserved only for women, who have never actually laid a finger on trans people?  Because the trans rights movement is a MEN'S rights movement at its core.  One that seeks to validate the fetishes of men & trample the rights of an already oppressed group (women).  

BBC World:  Iran's Sex-Change "Solution"

Women's spaces exist to protect WOMEN:  adult female humans with vaginas who are capable of being raped and impregnated against their will & little girls who are preyed upon by pedophile men as happens around the world every minute of every day.  And here the trans brigade come with their narcissistic crusade trying to take those spaces away, comparing sex segregated spaces to racial segregation in what might be the most offensive and idiotic argument employed by the trans activists to date.  Race is a social construct based on superficial differences; sex is not.  If this needs to be explained in further detail I can't help you.  It's similar to their use of intersex people to bolster their argument that gender is a spectrum... or some horseshit.  They have no regard for the people they use as stepping stones & props in arguments--groups that are already suffering.  It's all about obtaining their narcissistic supply.  

Transexuals vs. Nu Trans

To the transsexuals (TS) who just want to live as their preferred gender without all the narcissistic attention-whoring of the modern trans movement, this isn't directed at you.  This tiny group has always existed, quietly, and never tried to stomp on women or force themselves sexually on anyone gay or otherwise.  They tend to be homosexual transsexuals who go through with reassignment surgery & suffer actual gender dysphoria from a young age.  Compare this with the fetishist "transbians" (FET) who get turned on by wearing women's clothes and keep their dicks intact, walking around looking like soap-shy linebackers in dresses.  Or the blue-haired gals (excuse me, "enbies") who resemble "It's Pat" from '80s SNL & will do anything to distance themselves from womanhood or lesbianism, adopting "they/them" pronouns rather than simply answering to normal singular female ones.  

There's a lot of overlap with anime for both of these FET groups and sissy hypno for the guys, which points to some kind of fetish or brain glitch that happens long after early childhood or the womb.  The rise in increasingly extreme & available online porn correlates with the rise in transgenderism so perfectly that the dearth of studies on the issue is breathtaking.  "Trans" porn was the 5th most popular category in 2018 according to Pornhub, quadrupling in search queries since 2014.  

But actual transsexuals do exist in small numbers and deserve to live lives of dignity with all the same rights as anyone else so long as they're upfront with sexual partners about their trans status.  Nobody likes to be deceived in matters of intimacy.  Incidentally, many TS do "pass" as their preferred gender (see:  ladyboys of Thailand) as they were often effeminate to begin with, unlike the fetishist cross-dressers who call themselves trans yet make only the most half-assed attempt to resemble women because, you guessed it, it's just a fetish for them.  Keeping their male organs is central to their way of life unlike the transsexuals who would go to great lengths to get rid of theirs.  Somewhere around 85% of trans "women" keep their dicks by choice, which is one reason this is such a big issue for women.  These are the people fighting to be moved to women's prisons and other spaces from which we can't escape, or places we run to for sanctuary from men.  

It's this latter group that attract so many furries, diaper lovers, pedophiles, porn addicts, voyeurs, pregnancy/lactation fetishists and predatory types.  (See: Aimee Challenor, Jessica Yaniv, etc)  And yes, #notalltrans are deviants.  Obviously.  But the number of incidents of criminal and predatory behavior in this small community is abnormally high, particularly for a group who claim to be oppressed or victims themselves.  It's time somebody answer for it in a meaningful way instead of just trying to distance themselves & claim these aren't "real" trans people.  (They say that about detransitioners too, don't they?)  

The conundrum women face is we have no way of knowing who's "really" trans & who's just a perv, hence the need to draw a firm line in the sand and exclude ALL biological males from our spaces.  The fact that we're having to go backwards & deal with this type of thing in the 21st Century is depressing after the progress made with Title IX, affirmative action and other incremental strides in women's rights over the years.  With climate change, late stage capitalism, militarized police killing Black people in the streets and all the other time-sensitive issues facing us, we really don't have time for this.  Yet here we are.  

Check out the links below if you're truly interested in learning more about this issue.  Or you can just dismiss me as a "transphobe" and be done with it.  Your call.  Just remember that I don't condone doxxing, physical violence or other forms of illegal/intrusive behavior against ANYONE, and neither should you.  This whole "punch a TERF/Antifa/Nazi/whatever" fad needs to die.  Hypermasculine violent energy is not progressive no matter whether it comes from the left or right.  

Resources & Further Reading:

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