Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review: Nyles7

Inventory:  Tianeptine sodium, Dihexa & Other Nootropics
Location: Tucson, AZ
Rating:  2.9 of 5 stars
Web Address:

Nyles7 was my first tianeptine vendor.  He's a well-established eBay seller who eventually set up a website to peddle his wares.  At first he only sold tianeptine sodium but he soon branched out to offer a smorgasbord of rare compounds like Apigenin, Dihexa & Pseudocatalase.  (Hey, I said rare!)

I had about 8 orders with Nyles7, all of which went without a hiccup.  Except the last one.  My order took over a month to arrive and he ignored all my polite attempts to reach him via email.  His eBay page now shows 5 negative reviews and a message from Nyles7 about "chargebacks", which makes me hesitant to order again.  One review says his latest batch of powder is not the same as the last and he refuses to reply to emails.  I believe it only because he ignored my emails for so long.

My impression is that Nyles7's eyes were bigger than his stomach in a business sense.  That is to say, he had great plans for his nootropic business but overshot his actual ability to serve customers.  I long for the days when he only sold tianeptine on eBay.  It's unacceptable for tianeptine vendors to sell things that are not tianeptine.  If a customer has a question about purity or quality, vendors damn well better have an answer.  People have gotten sick or died from contaminated supplements before.  Buying random white powders off the internet is risky enough; it doesn't have to be a total crapshoot.  We put a lot of trust in these vendors and a lot of money in their businesses.  The least they can do is make sure their product is pure. 

At this point, I cannot recommend Nyles7 as a nootropic vendor until his eBay rating improves.  I sincerely wish him the best and hope he patches the holes in his business practices.  If things change, I'll gladly update this review. 

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