Monday, October 29, 2018

[Review] - Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen

Product:  Yocan Evolve Plus
Price:  $19.50
Vendor:  thorz_thunder08 (
Location:  Midwestern USA

Rating:  4.8 of 5 stars
Yocan Evolve Plus:  Limited Edition designs

I don't have a lot of experience with vaping (not to the extent that some of y'all vape-o-philes do!) and am certainly no expert.  I only use vapes to ingest CBD shatter, which I have a ton of thanks to a very generous vendor.  My vaping journey started with those 510-thread batteries that are used to vape liquid CBD.  From there, I moved up to a (counterfeit) dry herb G-Pen that I turned into a makeshift shatter-vaping device.  It lasted much longer than I could've hoped for, but eventually crapped out. 

What I look for in a vape pen is, first and foremost, safety.  I need it to not blow up in my face & kill me.  But affordability is a close second.  My price range is sadly in the teens up to about $45.  Maybe $50 if it's a birthday or Xmas.  So what's in that price range that can be used for solids like CBD shatter?  Well, I asked around on Reddit & got a few grumpy answers.  Yocan was a brand that kept coming up a lot, so I narrowed it down to which model was most popular & it appears that's the Evolve Plus, which has a double quartz coil & some other nice features like a little wax storage compartment on the bottom.

I bought mine from a seller on eBay named thorz_thunder08, who has a 100% feedback rating.  Very rare for anyone with as many sales as he has.  Thor'z prices aren't the lowest on eBay but they're significantly lower than Yocan's price for this model, which is $49.99.  I paid $19.50 for mine.  Something to keep in mind when shopping for a vape on eBay is that there are a ton of counterfeits & models that didn't pass safety inspections being sold as the real deal.  It's tempting to buy them for super cheap, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Here's one person's firsthand comparison of a genuine Yocan Evolve Plus with a counterfeit.  You can see several differences in the packaging as well as the parts of the pen itself.  This helped me immensely when shopping for mine.

Yocan Evolve Plus pens come in a variety of basic colors, plus a couple of "special editions" like Rainbow, Rasta & Midnight.  Then there are the "Limited Edition" models that are adorned with cute designs like eyeballs & flowers and peace signs.  I went for the basic blue model since it was cheap & available. And pretty. 


So the cool thing about this vape is that it works with both dual quarts coils AND ceramic donut style coils.  According to Redditors you can also interchange various other components with other Yocan vape models, but I'm not that advanced in my vape game yet.  I got the quartz coils because that's what it came with.  They work very well & produce a thick, smooth cloud of vapor.  The battery is an 1100mah...whatever that means.  My Yocan came with the atomizer with pre-installed dual quartz coil, 1100mah battery, 1 replacement quartz coil, a wax tool & 1 USB charger.  Rock on!

Now for the unboxing & testing.  First up is the Watermelon terpsolate that tastes so good when eaten but upsets my stomach due to the strong terps.  First thing I notice is how SMOOTH this vape hits compared to that last piece of trash I rigged up.  It was actually painful to vape CBD shatter to the point I was concerned about my lung health.  No such harshness here, I assume due to the coil cap that filters out nasty impurities.  My first few clouds are underwhelmingly small until I get the hang of how to hit it for max effect.

I follow the Watermelon up with some Pineapple Express CBD shatter, which is my least favorite of the 4 but might be better when vaped.  It is!  Very smooth, tropical flavor in the Yocan.  In fact it has an entirely different taste...none of that overpowering putrid flavor it has when eaten.  Next up is Gorilla Glue, which has sort of a minty, piney smell in the jar.  Hard to describe.  Tastes quite similar in the Yocan...not unlike vaping pine needles with a hint of mint.  Finally we round it out with Blueberry Yum Yum, which is my favorite flavor when taken orally.  Yep.  This one is still the reigning king for me.  The berry flavor is still present in the vape & it's just so damn tasty.  My new rankings in the Yocan:  1st place:  Blueberry2nd place:  Watermelon3rd place:  Pineapple; 4th place:  Gorilla.  

The cool thing about buying from this vendor is that the product comes with a 90-day warranty, which usually bumps the cost up to at least $39 on eBay.  Since my previous vapes have tended to break down on me before 90 days, this might just come in handy.  I scratched off the authentication code thingy on the back of the box & checked it online:  the product is indeed authentic & new.

Despite only using it a couple times, I'm gonna go ahead & give the Yocan Evolve Plus from Thor'z Thunder a 4.8 out of 5 stars.  It's a solid quality product with a warranty that is totally affordable...even for me.  Seems like the perfect vape for beginners or a stocking stuffer for friends.  And the shipping was lightning fast. Ordered on Friday & received on a Monday.  Winning!

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