Thursday, April 11, 2019

[Review] - Steve's Goods: Blueberry OG CBD Shatter

Vendor:  Steve's Goods
Location:  Colorado, US
Items:  CBD isolates, tinctures, CBG solution.
Rating:  2.3 of 5 stars

Complementary decal

Well, here it is.  The review I never wanted to write.  I've ordered from Steve's Goods on several occasions with varying results each time.  The previous order, I waited several weeks to receive my stuff & was compensated (generously) with $300 worth of FREE merch, which pretty much guaranteed further business.  Even though they raised their prices noticeably, I decided to pick up more of their mouth-watering Blueberry OG CBD shatter.  I really can't say enough good things about the flavor & smell of this stuff.  It's just amazing.  So calming as well.  Much smoother to vape than plain isolate too.

Steve's famous Blueberry shatter

So I get to checkout & realize that Paypal isn't an option.  They're asking for my debit/credit card info right at the checkout page.  This is different if I recall correctly.  No problem, I've recently obtained a debit card & bank account so I had no problem using it to complete my order.  The total was a tad ridiculous:  $58.99 with shipping included for 1 gram of shatter.  There are no cheaper shipping options.  Still, I was stoked to be getting some more of this yummy stuff to kick off the Spring/Summer.

1 gram of shatter, extra juicy
By chance I went to check my bank account that evening.  Lo & behold, there were three charges that I absolutely unequivocally did not make.  Charges to a MORMON DATING SITE called in the amounts of $16.99, $3.99 & $5.99.  Not an excessive amount, but the charges say "pre-authorized, recurring" which means they're likely to repeat.  Not fucking cool.  In a panic & with my local bank closed for the weekend, I called an 800-number to have my debit card cancelled.  They were able to stop the charges before they went through, but it was a bitch having to go get a new card & all that.  I called the number for LDSPlanet & told them what happened; they agreed to remove the charges, but that doesn't prevent whoever stole my card # from using it elsewhere so it's a good thing I went ahead & shut the card off.

Never in all my days of buying online have I encountered fraud like this.  I can't prove 100% that Steve or his employees were responsible, but the charges appeared on the same day only a few hours after using my card to order from him, and I didn't use my debit card to order anywhere else recently.  Steve's Goods is based in Colorado which is home to quite a few Mormons (compared to many other states at least).  Someone within the company likely used my card to sign up for that dating site would be my guess.

Overall I give this order a 2.3 out of 5 stars.  While the product is awesome, I've simply run into too many snags with this company to recommend anyone use them.  Unfortunately.  With the recent price hike & inability to use Paypal for checkout, things have officially become not worth it for me.  And the debit card charges put it over the edge.  If by some weird chance they're not responsible, I apologize.  But I don't see any other possibility.  This was definitely not the review I wanted or planned to write.  Sorry, Steve.

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