Sunday, May 5, 2019

[Review] - VLNT Kratom: Red Borneo & Red Sunda (2 kg)

Vendor:  VLNT Herb
Location:  Indonesia
Items:  Kratom (kilograms only)
Rating:  4.8 of 5 stars

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Since my long-time vendor Swirl Girl Inc closed up shop, I decided to branch out & try to find the best, most affordable kratom vendors to satiate my massive appetite for the good leaf.  There are countless Indonesian-based vendors on Facebook who contact me daily, but I prefer sticking with ones who have long-standing reputations in the community.  VLNT Herb is one such vendor.

Before the big 2017 crackdown on domestic vendors, VLNT was one of the most highly-praised suppliers for some of the most popular U.S. kratom sellers.  So why not just go directly to the source & cut out the middle man?  Well, many Indo vendors require a bulk purchase of 5-10 kg or more, which I definitely can't afford.  Luckily VLNT was willing to work with me & offer a 2 kg deal: 2 kg for $140 total including shipping.  Awesome!

Having tried several VLNT strains through another vendor in the past, I knew exactly which two I wanted--Red Sunda & Red Borneo.  The former is a darker brown & has a more relaxing effect while the Borneo is probably the most energizing red I've found anywhere...and potent.  The smell of both strains is somewhat like cherry Play-Doh, which I've always associated with high-quality leaf.  Sure enough, one tbsp of Red Borneo in some tea has me feeling warm & fuzzy and ready to stay up late fiddling around on the tubes.  I've not tried any of his white, green or yellow strains but really enjoyed my last order of his Red Maeng Da too.  It's a close third to the others.  He also has more exotic options like "White Bentuangie" and "Green OV".

I already transferred the Borneo to a Ziplock bag, so I didn't bother taking a photo.  But here's the Sunda in its original vacuum sealed package:

Shipping was faster than it's ever been for an overseas order of any kind.  Not sure why exactly.  It was sent April 24th & arrived May 3rd.  Perfect timing.  You can usually expect to wait 2-4 weeks depending on how fast the mail is moving though, so plan ahead.  Indo vendors are better for stocking up in advance--not emergency buys.  But the money saved is SO worth it, and the product passes through fewer hands so is theoretically safer & cleaner.

I give this order from VLNT a 4.8 out of 5 stars for shipping time, quality & price: all of which were stellar.  I was given a tracking number as soon as it went out which allowed me to watch it progress through the postal system.  The only downside was his dysfunctional website, which has some major kinks to work out.  It's best to contact VLNT via his Facebook page (Google it) or through email.  Will definitely be ordering again.

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