Tuesday, June 25, 2019

[Review] - Moon Mix Vape Cartridge: Pineapple Express

Vendor:  Moon Mix
Location:  Oklahoma, USA
Items:  Vape cartridges
Review:  4.8 of 5 stars
Website:  www.moonmixvape.com/

Was able to obtain this lovely vape cartridge & have been cautiously stoked to try it out.  I've never tried THC-containing vape products due to a fear of their potency--I'm a lightweight when it comes to weed these days.  I was a hardcore pothead growing up in a time & place where the weed was much less potent (read: seed-filled brick weed), but today's stuff tends to make me paranoid & anxious with anything more than a tiny toke.  These carts contain super-high amounts of THC in most cases & aren't always balanced out by the other parts of the cannabinoid spectrum (CBG, CBC, terpenes, etc).  TL;DR - Yes, I'm a chicken.

So I got this 1000 mg cartridge for $60.  It didn't come with a battery or pen--just the cartridge.  Luckily I already had a 510-thread battery to hook it to, which was just the right fit.  The cart reads:  "Pineapple Express is a sativa strain crossing Trainwreck & Hawaiian.  It is potent, flavorful & long-lasting."  They weren't lying about the potent or long-lasting part.  Sweet Jesus.  I took 2 small hits & was extremely lifted for about 4 hours.  Not tired whatsoever and the comedown is much less sleep-inducing than whole cannabis, which I like.  Very clean-feeling head high.  Pretty significant cognitive impairment & mindfuck so I won't be ingesting this when I have to be around people in the daytime, but it's a great choice for chill days & parties.  The THC content is 78.3% with CBD coming in at 0.52% & terpenes at 8%.  Should last me forever at this rate.

Cartridge ready for use

The flavor is very "weedy" & green despite the label's claim that it's "sweet/tropical/cedar flavored."  But who cares as long as it gets the job done?  Moon Mix makes a whole heap o' cartridge varieties, including Clementine, Zkittlez & Sundae Driver.  They have a page on Weedmaps with generally good reviews (3.5 of 5 stars at the time of this review) with the Pineapple Express cartridge receiving 3.8 stars.  The most common complaints are of weak quality, bad taste, leaking cartridges & harshness.  So far I've noticed none of that.  Hoping my cartridge doesn't leak as that would really suck.  Other problems are surmountable.  I'm not picky about taste & the like.  Moon Mix carts don't contain PG, VG, PEG or MCT according to the label & are pesticide-free.

Even with access to medical marijuana, I don't see myself completely giving up pure CBD products.  Many marijuana enthusiasts view plain CBD as a sort of snake oil but for me it is vital for balancing out THC's side effects & preventing migraines.  Works wonders if I get too high for comfort as well.  However, the legal hemp-derived CBD market needs to work on its labeling & purity if it wants my business.  Shit is looking shady as hell.

Yeah, so to conclude I give this vendor & product a 4.7 of 5 stars for quality & ease of use.  The fact that I no longer have to go outside in the sweltering heat & humidity with wasps & other flying bitey things to consume cannabis is a BIG plus that makes this purchase more than worth the $60, though that price is a bit steep for a vape cartridge IMO.  But if it truly doesn't leak & works all the way until the last drop is used up, it'll have been worth the price tag. 


Edit 7/4/19:  After more extensive use, I'm highly (har har) impressed with this thing.  It is far superior to flower in that the benefits are much more pronounced with fewer side effects.  Namely, anxiety & paranoia.  All I really get is a dry mouth after taking a couple puffs which is no big deal since I already deal with dry mouth from my meds anyway.  The comedown is super smooth--basically nonexistent compared to smoked ganja.  I've avoided weed for years due to the nasty fatigue on the comedown so this is significant.  The only mechanical problem I've encountered so far is a bit of clogging but that's easily remedied by simply pulling harder on the inhale.

What's more, sativas have always hit me wrong, causing more severe anxiety AND a harsher comedown in the fatigue department.  This sativa-dominant hybrid (Pineapple Express) has none of these effects, making me wonder how many of my issues were with combustion and/or whole plant use rather than the strain.  The flavor is actually damn good if I hit the pen hard enough (which I wasn't doing in the beginning due to being a chicken, lol)--tropical & almost fruity.  There is a vague weed smell in my room after hitting it but NOTHING like smoking in my closet & blowing it into a pillow.

I never imagined these THC bombs would have fewer side effects than actual weed.  I was wrong.  I can use this vape during the daytime indoors with no paranoia around family & no drowsiness on the comedown.  I seriously want to try every Moon Mix strain cartridge now & secure my mmj card so I have full-time access to this caliber of product.  Updating to 4.8 of 5 stars.

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