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Epstein's Circle Pt. II: Exposing the Enablers

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Young Epstein victim surrounded by indifferent revelers

This article is a continuation of my previous piece on Jeffrey Epstein & his hideous abuse of underage girls.  After reading victim/survivor Virginia (Giuffre) Roberts' memoir, I've come to the conclusion that Epstein's brand of trafficking & exploitation is not unique to him by any means.  He may have been an extreme case due to the scope of his crimes & the high-profile nature of his clients, but he's far from the only wealthy man engaging in human trafficking.  It's a common occurrence among elite million & billionaires.  Not that pedophilia doesn't occur in all segments of the population--it absolutely does.  But our leaders in government, the arts, finance & media should be held to higher standards of conduct.  Or at least the same standards as any poor pedophile on the street doing the same things would be.

"The Life"

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Street pimps & "hoes"

Prostitution is widely known as the world's oldest occupation.  But for all the progressive pro-sex worker advocacy these days, there's a dark side that can't be ignored.  Prostitutes are overwhelmingly recruited while still underage & are often trafficked by pimps.  They tend to come from broken, abusive homes or even foreign countries as illegal immigrants brought in for the purpose of prostitution.  This occurs at all levels of society, from the impoverished to the top 1%.  Those at the bottom rung of the wealth ladder refer to themselves as 'pimps & hoes' and call what they do "the life".  People in this group tend to include street walking prostitutes, escorts & the like.

The pimp finds young, vulnerable girls--usually runaways--he can mold into submissive slaves willing to go out & work 6 or 7 days a week, turning all their money over to him in exchange for a sense of security.  He buys their clothes, keeps their hair & nails done & gives them a place to sleep while keeping them safe from dangerous johns, although in reality a woman is more likely to be harmed by her own pimp than a client.  She generally keeps NONE of her earnings.  R. Kelly's relationship with underage girls is a perfect example of how pimps relate to their victims:  in an authoritative manner & often with violence.  This type of pimp is largely African-American while 'hoes' can be any race.  For more on this lifestyle, check out the documentary American Pimp (1999).  

Then we have the middle/working-class traffickers & pedophiles:  the coaches, priests & others in "respected" positions of local authority who are above the street pimps on the income scale but far below Epstein & his ilk.  They gain access to children through their jobs or on the internet & often feign an interest in hobbies that will place them in close proximity to unsupervised kids.  Jerry Sandusky & Father Oliver O'Grady are in this category.  Epstein himself started as a teacher so he was at one time in this group as well.  They are opportunists; sometimes violent & other times more gentle depending on what their particular preferences are.  Middle-class sex offenders tend to do less classic pimping & more trading of illicit pornography involving children or violence ("snuff films").  To indulge in their sick perversions without fear of prosecution, they sometimes travel to countries with more lax laws such as Thailand, the Philippines or South America. 

Image result for father oliver o'grady children
Father Oliver O'Grady molested countless children as a priest

And then we have elite class traffickers like Epstein & Jimmy Savile.  These depraved souls don't need to travel to different countries or waste their time with child porn--they simply recruit & import their own real victims from the streets of America or other countries.  They often travel with the victims on their arm, showing them off to their rich friends & even renting them out to other men or couples for sex.  Victims of these upper-class pedos may be expected to have sex with multiple men (& women) several times a day or recruit other girls into the operation.  Sometimes there are orgies or painful/degrading fetishes involved.  If the procurer is a true pedophile, the child will be discarded after a certain age or kept around only to scout other kids or perform other work duties.  Sex is often unprotected & miscarriages or abortions may occur.

After the report into Jimmy Savile and the conviction of Rolf Harris, Britain has gone into a convulsion of anxiety about child abuse in the Eighties
Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris, wealthy pedophiles

In Epstein's case, he expected Virginia Giuffre to be on call 24/7 not only for sex but to rub his hands, feet & scalp or just listen to him ramble about topics of interest to him.  Ditto for his partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell who also wasn't shy about engaging in sex acts with underage girls along with Epstein.  There was no reciprocated interest in Giuffre's feelings or life; she was treated like a sex doll & nothing more.  They frequently "joked" about "trading her in" once she hit 18, even making this comment to Prince Andrew who had a daughter around her age at the time & later used Giuffre for sex himself.  The utter lack of humanity in these people is the most shocking part of it all.  Raping underage girls is all in a day's work for them, no different than going to the spa or hobnobbing at a red carpet event.

The Bystander Effect

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The darkest part of the Epstein saga is there were countless bystanders who knew exactly what these two were up to & not only tolerated but welcomed it.  Other wealthy pedos bought "dates" with the girls & Epstein showed them off at high-profile celebrity gatherings like Naomi Campbell's birthday party in 2001.  It was all out in the open...not a hush-hush affair.  Some perpetrators are named in the memoir while others aren't, but that's really not the point.  The issue is how commonplace buying & selling children is among the 1%.  And yes, the 1% includes celebrities like Kevin Spacey & Courtney Love; royalty like Prince Andrew & politicians including Presidents Bill Clinton & Donald Trump.

Many of the girls were lured in with promises of stardom or lucrative careers in the arts or massage therapy (or whatever career they were pursuing at the time).  This is the same tactic R. Kelly & Michael Jackson used to pick up victims, allegedly.  They'd use their star power to dazzle parents & victims and gain their trust, promising them a life of fame before quickly turning the tables.  These wealthy perverts operate with no fear and little chance of being prosecuted or exposed.  And if they are caught they can just call on their high-powered lawyers & hire a PR firm to get them out of it.  Epstein's behavior was so widespread one has to wonder how many currently famous celebrities got their start in the industry by "working" for him.

The real question is:  Why do law enforcement, Interpol & various other agencies not do more to investigate & stop this behavior?  Infinitely more time & money is dumped into fighting drug trafficking than human trafficking despite the former not involving actual slavery of human beings.  Is a little girl or boy's life worth less than a bag of cocaine?  Is a woman's body a mere product to be bought, sold & consumed like a balloon of heroin?  Taking small amounts of drugs out of circulation does nothing to stem the overall tide of drugs into the country, but taking even ONE sex trafficker off the street can literally save dozens of innocent lives.  Not all drug dealers are heartless psychopaths but all pimps & traffickers absolutely are.  These are the people prisons are built for, not those whose lifestyles we simply disagree with.

Society must come to terms with how it views women & children's bodies as throw-away commodities that exist for the sexual pleasure of men.  We must teach our sons empathy & respect for ALL people & reiterate that these qualities are vital to healthy masculinity...not a threat to it.  Being able to empathize with the victim whether they're male or female is a sign that a person is developing these desirable traits.  Too often, men immediately side with other males in a situation regardless of whether said males have done right or wrong.  (To be fair, women often project their own experiences with sexual abuse onto situations where there's a question of guilt or innocence too.  That's not okay, but we must ask ourselves why so many girls & women have been victimized in this way in the first place).

Furthermore, something must be done to combat this bystander effect that allows otherwise decent people to look evil in the face & say 'meh'.  Even if someone is a friend or does you a big favor, that shouldn't prevent you from anonymously reporting their illegal behavior to the FBI or an equivalent agency where you live.  You don't need to provide a million details; just raising the red flag could be enough to effect change.  If enough people speak out or enough rumors start to spread, eventually something will come of it.

Epstein's young victims were brave enough to speak out & file cases against him but his wealthy adult friends were not.  That speaks volumes about their character.  They likely justified looking the other way by telling themselves it wasn't any of their business; that he was a "good guy" who would never hurt the girls ("hurt" being defined as severe physical abuse or murder) or that his philanthropy outweighed whatever bizarre sexual predilections he had.  They didn't want to rock the boat or risk becoming pariahs in their little social scene.  They told themselves the girls wanted this & probably felt honored to be "chosen" by someone with so much prestige.  Blah blah blah...

Those justifications are lies.  All of them.  He DID hurt his victims in ways that can never be undone.  From the ages of 13-17, the brain is undergoing a phase called pruning during which unnecessary neural connections are destroyed.  The brain is flooded with hormones & undergoes a number of vital changes, bridging the gap between childhood & adulthood.  This causes massive amounts of turmoil & often rebellion as the child tries to find themselves.  If exposed to excessive stress or trauma during this time, it can cause issues that last a lifetime.

No matter how mature the body appears at this age, brain development isn't anywhere near finished until age 25.  Wealthy Epstein was in his 50s raping impoverished girls as young as 13.  The imbalance of power here was staggering.  Many of the victims used drugs & alcohol daily to cope with the abuse, undoubtedly damaging their developing brains further.  No amount of money or gifts can turn back the clock & undo that damage, nor can it drown out the nightmares, flashbacks & damaged personal truths these girls will have to live with forever.

The "Sex Work" Dilemma

Image result for sex work is exploitation

I generally lean left/liberal on social issues, but not in this case.  The fact that there's a push to legalize prostitution & de-stigmatize the sex trade by many liberals & so-called feminists would be fine & dandy if prostitutes actually were consenting adult women from healthy backgrounds who weren't being coerced into it by some pimp on the side.  But that's rarely if ever the case.  Even some of the girls at Dennis Hof's ranch claim to have been sent there to earn money for a greedy pimp back home or "raped & battered" by Hof himself.  And that's legal prostitution!

We're told it's empowering for women to have control of their bodies--that "sex work" is as legitimate as any other type of employment.  But what's empowering about being used as a semen receptacle for horny men who only want you for your physique...a physique you will one day lose to age?  Can someone who's been raped, molested & abused since early childhood really give informed consent as an adult to working as a prostitute...or is she just doing the only thing she's ever known because it's the best she thinks she deserves?  Even if we legalize prostitution, there's no way to cut pimps out of the equation & ensure the women get to keep their money, and it certainly won't stop the trafficking of underage children to pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein & friends.  Many of the same people who were trafficked as kids will grow up to become "legal" prostitutes, thus continuing the cycle of enslavement & suffering.

(When I say 'prostitute' or 'sex worker,' I'm not referring to cam girls, strippers or amateur porn actresses who control their own hours/income or work from home.  I'm strictly referring to actual hookers who trade sex for money & children trafficked for this purpose.  These things are entirely different & it's disingenuous to put them under the same "sex worker" umbrella).

Bottom line:  We need to double down on eradicating these sick fucks from the free world--both traffickers & johns.  Instead of normalizing pedophilia or sex trafficking, we should be preparing prison cells for the psychopaths & sadists who prop up this industry.  We're going in the wrong direction as a civilized society.

Where From Here

I hope the investigation into Epstein's contacts continues & they follow the evidence wherever it leads.  But it can't stop there.  If this bombshell case has taught me anything, it's that the trafficking & abuse of children among the rich & famous is deeply entrenched in many circles.  Epstein was only a tentacle on a much larger octopus.  This story should be viewed as a starting point, not some aberrant freak occurrence from the past that died with Epstein.

In the coming years, I'd like to see a sea change in how we treat crime in this country.  Non-violent drug offenses should be treated as a misdemeanor at most even if it involves selling or transporting drugs.  Empty the prisons of drug offenders & fill them with child molesters, human traffickers, domestic abusers, large-scale polluters of the environment, killers, war criminals, rapists & white collar criminals whose crimes affect the economy or bankrupt numerous people.

Like it or not, prison reform is vital if we're to prevent deaths like Epstein's.  Whether you believe he was murdered, killed himself or was ushered out the back door & put in Witness Protection, the point is none of those things should've been allowed to transpire in a federal prison.  There should be numerous alert guards & C.O's as well as cameras watching all cells at all times.  Nobody should be working "extreme overtime" as they called it, both because it's unsafe for workers & inmates AND it gives them plausible deniability when something suspicious like the Epstein thing goes down.

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