Monday, August 12, 2019

[Review] - online-halal-store: Black Seed Oil

Vendor: online-halal-store
Location:  Waterbury, CT
Items:  Black Seed Oil, raw soaps, mango/cocoa butter.  
Rating:  4.7 of 5 stars

I'm a frequent user of Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa).  It's got a variety of health-boosting effects ranging from killing pathogens & lowering blood pressure to reducing inflammation & aiding in digestion.  But the biggest noticeable benefit for me is the subtle relaxing effect that combines so well with my daily kratom tea.  Not only does Black Seed have a nice depressant effect, it also eases the rebound symptoms of benzos & barbiturates for me.  (I get godawful depression & irritability after even a single dose of these & other GABA drugs).  It's one of only a handful of supplements I've tried that actually has a measurable effect and a positive one at that. 

I've been buying my Black Seed Oil from online-halal-store for about a year with no issue.  He carries a variety of bottle sizes, some with a Euro dropper top & some with an eyedropper option.  I prefer the eyedropper for ease of use.  This time I got the 3.39 oz. bottle for $13.95 plus tax (shipping included).  Delivery took 4 days total, which is about average for this seller.  Packaging was sufficient, with the glass bottle firmly wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it didn't break.  I've never had a bottle break, fyi. 

My 3.39 oz. bottle of Black Seed Oil

While whole seeds are cheaper--like dirt cheap--the oil is much easier on the GI tract.  If you fail to chew the seeds sufficiently, be prepared for severe pain once they hit the intestines haha.  I give this order a 4.7 of 5 stars for quality, packaging & shipping time.  I'd prefer if all bottles came with an eyedropper option & tax wasn't tacked onto the already somewhat steep price, but that's more of an eBay issue than a seller issue.  This vendor's prices are in line with what others charge for this product so I'm just nitpicking.  I'd totally recommend online-halal-store to anyone wanting to add Black Seed Oil to their supplement regimen. 

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