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Epstein Is Everyone's Problem

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That's right. Every political party, every celebrity who used his services. Every Silicon Valley snob. Every "Lord & Lady" or "Duke & Duchess". Every wealthy 1%'er who knew what he was doing & looked the other way.

With all the 'hot takes' on this story out there, I don't expect my little blog post to be read by many. But if you happen to see it, the one message I want you to take away is that the Epstein saga is symptomatic of a world in crisis...a world that views the rights of girls & women as dispensable & the desires of sick old men as paramount. If you have the money, you call the shots. Even from behind bars. Trying to blame one political party or the other is futile. There's speculation that Epstein could've been a Mossad agent or spy for some other country. He was worth $500 million but nobody knows where it came from. These are serious claims that all deserve deep, individual investigation & follow-up. I'll do my best.

First of all, this scandal spanned many decades & involved some of the wealthiest, most powerful people on the globe...some of whom we don't have names for yet. But among the ones we DO know are: Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Ghislaine Maxwell & Governor Bill Richardson. This is not strictly a Trump/Clinton situation. It's bigger than that, unfortunately. Girls & vulnerable women were lured in & forced to give "massages" to clients, with "massages" being code for sex acts (rape if they were underage). One victim describes Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell forcing her to strip & lie naked on the massage table while both assaulted her with sex toys. Other women including Nadia Marcinkova participated in the sexual abuse of the victims according to the legal documents in the case. Girls were even asked to carry babies for clients in exchange for money & gifts.

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From left:  Prince Andrew, (victim) Virginia Giuffre & Ghislaine Maxwell

That's the other thing: Epstein didn't work alone. He had accomplices.

Ghislaine Maxwell was his right-hand woman, helping to recruit girls into his "flock." She was a wealthy socialite who once dated Epstein in the early '90s but eventually became his Madam/procurer, booking sex (rape) gigs for the girls all around the world. It's no coincidence she shows up in a number of photos of Epstein & his clients, even making a guest appearance at Chelsea Clinton's wedding & in a photo with Trump & a young Melania. So this was a highly-organized operation that covered many continents & involved many enablers. Everyone in NYC knew who these people were & what they were about...they just didn't care because they were rich. Therein lies the real difference between us & them--wealth. That's the only divider that matters. Not political parties. The world doesn't revolve around the U.S. 2-party system.

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Epstein's temple on his private island

If your first instinct is to go into "protect my favored political party" mode like so many people are doing, you're exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome. This is about powerful perverts raping children & getting special treatment because of their WEALTH. That's the thing they all have in common--Trump & the Clintons & the Royal Family & Hollywood & all the rest who knew & did nothing. Members of both parties were photographed with Epstein/Maxwell & have flown on his prostitution plane dubbed the "Lolita Express". No doubt they've indulged in some drugs & booze with him on special occasions too. There are likely some homemade videos & photos of a few of clients in compromising positions somewhere. After all, this was a highly organized operation run by & for some of the wealthiest people on Earth. They could get & do anything their hearts desired...assuming they HAVE hearts. Epstein's entire island was bugged with cameras, presumably to catch people in the act. Whether that was for blackmail, personal pleasure or some other purpose, we don't know.

The question remains: Why would you defend or deny this behavior from ANYONE...especially if you voted for them? We've seen proof of these men rubbing elbows with Epstein at parties & social events. Everyone knew exactly what kind of person he was. He didn't even try to keep it secret. His private island was openly called "Pedophile Island" by locals in the Virgin Islands. Maybe it's too uncomfortable to believe both political parties are controlled by pedophiles & evil men who support sex trafficking? Cognitive dissonance is a bitch. Guess that's where all the "blame Russia" & "fuck illegal immigrants" sentiment comes from--it's easier to blame some shadowy foreign power than to acknowledge our nation is rotting from the inside. 😓

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Birds of a feather...
One thing is certain. Money buys freedom in this country. Epstein got a slap on the wrist for all this in 2007 when it first came to light. It's only now after #MeToo & the slowly changing attitudes toward this behavior that people are starting to semi-care. The fact that so many want to spin this into a conservative vs. liberal issue just shows how far our country has fallen & how we've lost the ability to think outside the Left/Right paradigm. The most likely scenario is he was taken off suicide watch & given just enough rope to hang himself...literally. Someone loaned him a piece of cloth, belt or other apparatus, turned the cameras away & gave him until morning to get the job done. Easy peasy.

Corrupt cops & C.O's are known to take bribes to smuggle drugs, cell phones & other paraphernalia into penitentiaries, so it would've been no trouble to put in a call & have them do this if the price was right. Inmates are not kind to child molesters & it's likely Epstein would've been a major target due to his wealth & celebrity status. I have no problem believing he hung himself; the problem is, he shouldn't have been ALLOWED to after the previous attempt. He never should've had a cell mate either but he did in the beginning. I immediately suspected they put him in with the buff ex-cop cellie in the hopes he'd do the dirty work for them. When that failed, it was on to Plan B: suicide in an empty cell under the cover of night. No witnesses, no video footage & no answers. In a facility that housed El Chapo & is said to be more secure than Guantanamo. Sure.

Heroes & Villains

What kind of monster rapes trafficked children? It can get pretty depressing when you see the scale of the problem, admittedly. It almost looks like ALL super-wealthy people engage in pedophilia & other psychopathic pursuits. My guess is these people just get so bored with other (illegal) things they have to keep escalating their behavior to obtain the next rush. Knowing they won't be punished is part of the thrill. They get to feel special & above the law compared to us common peasants who would rot in prison for doing the same thing. Allegedly, Epstein had a plan to impregnate upwards of 20 girls & women and to have his head & dick cryogenically frozen after death. THAT'S how special he thought he was. He was also big into eugenics. We lost a real gem, folks.

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In his younger days as a TEACHER.  Yep :(

This isn't the first case of a high-profile sex trafficker getting suicided before trial. In 2008, Deborah Jean Palfrey--the DC Madam--was found hanging in her barn after warning listeners on a radio show that she was not suicidal & had no plans to kill herself. Like Epstein, she was in a position to potentially implicate a lot of powerful politicians & celebrities when she died. Another case of child sex abuse took place in the 1970s on North Fox Island off the coast of Michigan where child porn was filmed; all the rich perps were able to escape to other countries while Christopher Busch--son of a wealthy auto maker--was found dead of an apparent suicide with disturbing drawings of kids in his bedroom. While it's not known exactly how he was connected to the North Fox Island case, he is a possible suspect in the Oakland County Child Killings. Law enforcement were accused of looking the other way in his case & the evidence files were destroyed by an untimely flood at the FBI offices. How convenient.

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Creepy drawing of suspected child victim found at Chris Busch suicide scene

Now, does anybody know or care what political party these people belonged to? No. It's irrelevant. They were a Madam & a child sex abuser, respectively. It should be the same for Jeffrey Epstein & Co.

As bleak as this story has been, there are some heroes. The survivors of this pervert's abuse, certainly, and especially those who came forward to tell about it such as Virginia Giuffre, Courtney Wild, Michelle Licata & Annie Farmer top the list. The bravery of telling their stories implicating some of the most powerful people on Earth cannot be overstated. (I highly recommend reading Virginia Giuffre Roberts' memoir if you can stomach it). Also, journalist Julie Brown of the Miami Herald who relentlessly pursued this story for months when no other paper or media outlet would touch it. Her series "Perversion of Justice" broke the case wide open (again) and essentially led to his arrest. And police officers Michael Reiter & Joseph Recarey, who put their careers on the line to pursue the case against Epstein. These people prove that it only takes a few everyday, regular folks to take down a Goliath.

What You Can Do

We must unite across party lines & organize peaceful protests across the country to see that the victims get compensation & Epstein's accomplices see the inside of a prison cell. Poor & middle-class people get locked up for much less every day regardless of our political affiliation. We've become far too comfortable with the class gap in this country. There's nothing wrong with wealth but there's everything wrong with using it to influence policy & buy your way out of trouble. While it may not seem like it, suicide was a luxury compared to what Epstein was facing in that hellhole. What happened was far more malignant than mere negligence or incompetence. Many predicted he would off himself before trial even before the first attempt!

Indeed, this isn't a political or partisan problem--it's a rich vs. everyone else problem. Capitalism puts a price on everything including human bodies, turning women & children into sex dolls for wealthy men's pleasure. According to Virginia Giuffre, Epstein wanted to pay her to be a surrogate for him when she hit 18 & was no longer an "attractive" age. Renting out wombs for cash is just one way women are abused under capitalism. Egg "donation" is another (donation in quotations because it's a paid procedure & is actually quite dangerous, and white donors generally get paid more than minorities).

I call on anyone in or outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center who knows anything about Epstein's death to come forward, even if anonymously. Somebody saw something. Don't let his victims go through life not knowing what really happened. Not having closure is a terrible feeling. Write to your state representatives & demand action on this matter. If you have access to files in this case that will likely never see the light of day, release them via secure channels using a VPN. The internet is a powerful tool if used for more than political bickering.

Not Just Epstein

Most disturbingly, Virginia Giuffre Roberts speaks of OTHER wealthy pedophiles she was passed around to by Epstein in various cities throughout America & the world, so this isn't even just an Epstein problem. Law enforcement need to do more to ensure that children aren't being brought aboard these yachts, limos & other "party" vessels for nefarious reasons. Nobody pays an un-trainted 15-year-old "massage therapist" to travel the globe with them for legal massages. Many of the underage victims are trafficked in from foreign countries, making them doubly vulnerable due to language barriers & lack of family connections. The utter indifference of the adults in these situations is despicable but speaks to a darker fact: the problem is so common in wealthy circles they've grown utterly indifferent to it.

Some celebrities get their start in the industry being exploited by people like Jeffrey Epstein as children which is unacceptable. According to Giuffre's memoir, actress Nadia Bjorlin was handed over by her mother to Ghislaine Maxwell at age 13 before landing a job on a soap opera, and one of Epstein's other child sex workers was given an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art after presenting him with a painting he liked. Women & children should be valued in Hollywood & the Arts for their talents--not sex. (I say this not to disrespect these particular women's talents but to illuminate a bigger problem. They are victims).

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