Friday, September 20, 2019

[Review] - Phytodabs: CBD Isolate Slab, 1 gram

Vendor:  PhytoFamily
Location:  Tucson, AZ
Items:  CBD concentrates, drops, pet treats.
Rating:  4.3 of 5 stars

So I know I've reviewed this company at least a couple times before, but not this product.  It's a pretty straightforward item:  99% CBD isolate slabs, which usually come in little thin "sheets" for lack of a better explanation.  They work great in my Yocan Evolve Plus or under the tongue & have no added terpenes or other flavors.  Just a slight bitterness.  The sheets are generally brittle & break easily with the smallest amount of pressure.

This time, my "slab" was more of a "rock" which made it harder to work with.  This is the first time I've seen it come in this format which is a little odd.  And it was hard as a rock too.  Had to use my sharp dabbing tool to chip off smaller pieces which aren't very thin.  Doesn't seem to be anything different about the product itself, though I'm gonna let it "breathe" with the lid off for 24 hours just to be sure they didn't rush these pre-orders out the door or something.  (I know nothing about how these concentrates are made, which solvents are used, etc. so forgive me if I'm being overly cautious).  I paid the sale price of $19.99 + $4.99 for this 1 gram of pure CBD, which is great in this market. 

Broken up a bit

As far as I can tell, the isolate still works the same as its old incarnation.  It has a slight hempy aftertaste but nothing weird or chemical.  I like putting a couple "pebbles" of it under my tongue at bedtime after hitting my Pineapple Express THC vape.  Still melts just as well in my Yocan vape despite the difference in consistency. 

Overall I give this order a 4.3 out of 5 stars for price & effectiveness.  I'd like to see the old "slabs" return in the future if they're gonna continue calling this product by that name; otherwise I have no complaints.  It's still easier to work with than the powdery isolate & you can't beat the price for a gram.  Other CBD vendors need to get on board with Phytodabs' competitive pricing if they want to stay in business.  There are far too many of the same or more diluted items selling for double or even triple the cost of this.  Adding a couple drops of (food-derived/non-cannabis) terpenes shouldn't push the price up to $50/gram either.  Not calling out any names this time, but these vendors know who they are.  If you want to charge that much you need to be testing every batch for pesticides, residual solvents & heavy metals. 

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