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[Review] - RedBud Extracts: Alaskan Thunderfuck Vape Cartridge

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(Since these are reviews of medical marijuana products, I've changed the format a bit.  I won't list the storefront name since most of my followers probably don't live in my state or neck of the woods anyway.  You can find these brands by Googling or searching or Weedmaps.  Many of these brands are available at other dispensaries around the country so you can find them in several states where legal cannabis--recreational or medical--is sold).

My first dispensary trip was a fun one.  I already knew what I wanted to buy before going in after stalking their online menu for weeks.  They didn't have the strain of flower I wanted--Golden Goat--so I skipped the bud & went for a vape cartridge.  With all the scary stuff going on in the media about tainted vapes, I wanted to make sure & get a reliable/safe brand so I did my due diligence before buying.  I went with RedBud Extracts brand, which is cold-filtered & solventless.  It's even said to be "full-spectrum," meaning it's made from cannabis-derived terpenes rather than plant ones.  But I couldn't confirm that with the company themselves via email as they never responded.  Nor would they respond via Instagram when asked about the source of their terpenes.  Bummer.  I take that to mean they're NOT native cannabis terps or else they'd have answered in the affirmative.

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a classic Sativa strain known for its cerebral, euphoric & somewhat slow-onset "creeper" high.  According to, it appears to have been born of a Northern California Sativa + a Russian ruderalis and then crossed with Afghani genes in the 1970's.  ATF flower itself is kinda hard to come by these days, so I figured a vape cart would be the next best thing.

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The THC content is 93.8% and it's labeled as a "sativa distillate".  I'm really digging the wooden mouthpiece, which is way fancier than the plastic one I was using with the Moon Mix vape cart.  I paid $45.99 plus tax for this half-gram cart, which is pretty high in the scheme of things.  But what's a little more dough for peace of mind?  I'd rather buy a solid brand than something shady that might be cut with carrier oils, solvents or god-knows-what.  And as a light-weight toker, this badboy will last me plenty long enough.

As for the taste & effects: they're magnificent.  It tastes like actual ganja--somewhat minty & fruity--and the cartridge hits very smoothly with no clogging thus far.  (Again, unlike the Moon Mix cart which is badly clogged).  After a couple puffs I'm feeling a combo of mental stimulation & physical relaxation like I do with good weed, so I'd say she's pretty high quality.  The packaging itself is kinda suspect though:  major misspellings ("Consumption of cannabis prodzzucts") on the back and a Made in China insignia on the bottom.  Still, I'm impressed with the taste & effects so I'd definitely buy this product again.

This brand/strain definitely feels more full-spectrum than the Moon Mix cart.  I get the same munchies, body relaxation & comedown drowsiness as I do from whole flower.  The taste is so much more subtle & less fake-tasting than the plain THC distillate carts too.  It's the closest thing to smoking bud that I've found in a vape cartridge.  That said, it's more of a night-time product for me since all weed makes me tired & groggy to a degree.  I prefer the pure THC carts for daytime puffing.  

Connected to 510-threaded battery

Overall, I give RedBud Extracts Alaskan Thunderfuck vape cart a 4.7 out of 5 stars for taste, effects & vape cart quality.  It hits smoothly & gets the job done very quickly & discreetly.  I'd prefer if they specified which kind of terpenes they used & whether this is truly a "full-spectrum" product, but in the end the effects are really what count.  And the effects are very good.  If the price would come down even by $5 my review would be higher.

Am planning to pick up a Sour Diesel, Jackie Girl or Blue Dream cart from RedBud next time I'm out.  Will be sure to let y'all know how it hits. 

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