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[Review] - Blazin Okie RSO: Papayahuasca (1 gram)

Rick Simpson Oil, known as "RSO" for short, has been touted as everything from a pain reliever to a cancer cure (dubious) in films like Run From the Cure.  I like oral cannabis preparations so I decided to pick some up during my first dispensary trip.  The brand they gave me was Blazin' Okie Farms & the strain is Papayahuasca, which doesn't have an entry on yet but is on  They describe it as a 60/40 Indica-dominant cross between Headband & Papaya.  Some key terms I'm seeing are "heady high," "tingly euphoria," "hazy dreams" and "couch locked".  Great for migraines too which is right up my alley.  Sounds like an interesting mix of stimulation & sedation and, at 23% THC it's bound to be potent.  Hopefully not too potent for this lightweight.

In true noob fashion, this is my first time using RSO so I'm a bit apprehensive about it.  My plan is to start with a literal toothpick tip dipped in it & see what happens.  (You're supposed to generally start with a 'half-grain of rice' sized dose but even that seems daunting for someone like me who's prone to THC-induced paranoia).  My friend has severe health problems and takes tons of opiates every day.  When she tried RSO, she was able to go the entire day without an opioid for the first time in years.  While anecdotal, it's still impressive.  I personally use opiates (kratom & codeine at the moment) for self-medication/mood regulation & don't see myself stopping, but perhaps this RSO stuff can offer a good night's sleep if nothing else.  

Package label

The cap is very hard to unscrew which is probably a good thing to prevent leakage.  Once open, you can smell the cannabis goodness immediately.  This batch contains 100% THC and 0% CBD (sadly).  Some RSO contains a more even mix of the two, with CBD levels reaching up to 15% depending on the strain & extraction method.  Luckily I have some CBD isolate on hand in case things get too intense.  The total THC content in the syringe is 59%.  

I dosed with a toothpick, squirting the most microscopic amount on the tip & putting it directly in my mouth.  It tastes rancid.  Within minutes I begin to feel a body stone unlike anything I've felt before, though this could be due in part to the kratom I've just guzzled.  But it doesn't feel like my daily kratom dose--there's definitely more of a Jell-O sensation in my if I could slide right off the bed onto the floor in a giant puddle of goo.  I break out another dose the same size to see what happens, this time adding a tiny chunk of CBD isolate to the mix to ensure I don't get TOO high.  

I put on a ridiculous slapstick '80s comedy called Pandemonium & can't stop smiling.  Okay, laughing like a schoolgirl.  I'm definitely feeling stoned from this black goop.  It's amazing how different the highs from various cannabis concentrates & products can be.  The RedBud vape cartridge I puffed all day had zero physical effect & was all soaring & cerebral; this is just the opposite.  The pain I was feeling in my lower half is dissipating; melting away with all my cares & worries.  

Syringe with cap in place
RSO is best as a night-time medicine--particularly for pain relief or as a sleep aid.  If you have anxiety or are suffering stress, this is exactly the product for you.  It's got an opium-like physical relaxation that is unmatched.  My mind is not racing in the slightest despite ingesting stimulants alongside it all day, and I'm prone to THC-induced anxiety/paranoia.  But beware: the high THC content is bound to cause ill effects if you take too much with a low tolerance.  

Overall, I give this product a 4.6 of 5 stars for quality & economical benefit.  Since the required dose is so low I expect it to last me a very long time.  However the taste is godawful & it can get kinda messy if you squirt too much out of the syringe, and I'm not entirely sure how to store it long-term to keep it fresh.  I can't see myself taking it on the go as it's not very convenient to dose.  To learn more about Rick Simpson the man & his intended method of using & producing RSO, check out

Papayahuasca by Nectar Farms
Papayahuasca flower (photo credit: DOPE Magazine)

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