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Reflecting On the 2010's: A Long, Strange Trip

As the decade draws to a close, it's a good time to reflect on the past 10 years to see where we went right & what we'd like to improve on in the coming decade.  Since this is primarily a drug blog, I figured I'd do a little reminiscing on my decade of substance use & try to plan what I'd like the "roaring 20's" to look like in this regard.  If you'd like to join me, read on.

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Post your favorites!

What drugs did you use in the 2010-2019 period?  My favorites were as follows:

Stimulant/Empathogen:  Methylone.  This magical powder got me out of the house & back in the game when I was feeling low.  Often called "MDMA-lite," methylone felt far less neurotoxic & could be re-dosed over & over for its short-lived rush of euphoria & energy.  It was by far the most benign feeling substituted cathinone of the early 2010's & I was bummed to see it get banned.  I found it more similar to what I expected Ecstasy to be like than actual MDMA was, actually.  My introvert ass even went to clubs & danced with the powdered courage of bk-MDMA.

Opioid/Depressant:  OxyContin 20 mg (old formulation).  It was a close call between the new & old formulations, but the new ones that break down slowly irritate my mouth terribly & cause ulcers on my lips.  Both provide a long-acting rush of hypomanic energy & euphoria that I'd indulge in daily if I could.  I miss having a cheap hookup for these badboys but am probably better off without the temptation.  I was paying $6 per pill while most people were paying $1 per mg. for legit Oxy...or getting burned with fentanyl bombs.  This blessing wasn't lost on me.

Psychedelic/Dissociative:  4-AcO-DMT.   I'm no hallucinogen fan, but I did try a lot of them this decade.  4-AcO was probably the best overall in terms of the reliability of effects.  It's nearly identical to a shroom trip in both feeling & duration, providing 4 hours of trippy tryptamine effects from 25-30 mg.  Bonus:  None of the nausea or nasty taste of shrooms.

Weed Strain or Product:  Simple Cure gummies, Indica-dominant.  I smoked a lot of strains in the 2010's, including some I grew myself & were damn dank.  But my fave weed product had to be Simple Cure gummies (Indica-dominant over Sativa by a hair).  They're easy to dose, taste okay & provide instant effects for me.  So much more discreet than smoking & none of the unknowns of vaping.


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What drugs from the 2010's would you never touch again?

Stimulant/Empathogen:  MDPV.  Worst.  Stimulant.  Ever.  Caused severe palpitations & shortness of breath in the most minute doses not much bigger than a pinhead.  My stomach gradually got more bloated the longer I used it until I spent the night vomiting/shitting my guts out.  Threw my remaining half-gram in the trash the following day.  This stuff is an asthma attack in powder form.  And I don't have asthma.

Opioid/Depressant:  Phenazepam.  This crap caused a multi-day blackout in which I thought I had mad cow disease.  No lie.  If my ex hadn't been there I could've seriously injured myself.  I ended up eating a gram of ethylphenidate in 2 days while blacked out, among other things.  Runner Up:  Etizolam.  Not to be taken daily or long-term unless you want to end up a broken sack of panic & depression.  Fuck benzos forever.

Psychedelic:  6-Apb.  Took a tablet of this before a social event expecting a 4-FA like experience of euphoria & chattiness since that's what everyone online described.  Ended up with something resembling a cross between mescaline & shrooms.  I looked pale & sickly and left the event early, riding out the rest of the trip in bed for a grand total of 9 hours.  Felt toxic & nasty.  Never again.

Weed Strain or Product:  Spice (synthetic cannabinoids).  Fuck everything about these chemicals.  I hit a bong-load of it with a friend & got way too intoxicated but managed to keep my shit together.  Luckily this was one of the early JWH compounds & not some of the stuff that makes people bleed to death, but I realized later how lucky I was not to have reacted with a seizure or worse.


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What's on your list?

Here are just a few of the goodies from each class I'd like to try this decade.  What's on your list?

Stimulant/Empathogen:  Desoxyn, phendimetrazine, amineptine, khat.  Want to secure a Rx for amphetamines (Dexedrine, Adderall, etc) at some point too.  I've made due with Benzedrex & various research chemicals or herbs all these years & it's time to treat my ADD properly.

Opioid/Depressant:  Dilaudid, methaqualone, barbiturates other than butalbital, GHB, buprenorphine.  Though I'd be fine with more of what I've already tried.  These are just bonuses.

Psychedelic/Dissociative:  Ketamine (nasal spray or oral lozenge).  My psychiatrist brought it up so it's on my mind.

Weed Strain or Product:  Blue Diesel, Strawberry Satori, Golden Pineapple, Kaua'i Electric & literally any landrace from the '60s/'70s.  As for products, I've been eyeballing THC lip gloss, weed inhalers, rosin, live resin cartridges, suppositories & transdermal patches on the dispensary websites.


Honestly, I've tried just about everything I care to try & am cool to just have a steady stash of stimulants & opioids for daily low-dose use like I've been doing since I was a teen.  The only thing I really regret this past decade is the etizolam abuse; the health effects & fallout in my relationship were not even close to worth it.  I wouldn't trade the other drug experiences though.  I know I've got to slow down as my 30's progress if I want to have good health & longevity.  And I have slowed way down in the last few years.

Overall, the 2010's were a decade of drastic experimentation & change...both good & bad.  I tried meth & LSD one time each, delved deep into RC's (and back out), pulled myself out of the deepest mental health hole of my life during etizolam withdrawal, got to try a bunch of prescription stimulants I'd always wanted to try, went to a ton of festivals where I tripped my balls off & finally got to experiment with growing my own weed.  I also got my medical marijuana card--a lifelong dream.  I'm a work in progress but I'm proud of where I am today.  (Of course that's not ALL I accomplished but, again, this is a drug blog so I'm leaving my personal info out lol).

I plan to spend New Year's Eve in my room with some weed candies, Fioricet & codeine watching the big countdown on TV.  No fake friends or exes to placate this year.  What are your plans for NYE and the new year?  How will you hold yourself accountable beyond the first few weeks of January?  Sound off in the comments!

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