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[Review] - Simple Cure Chocolates: Indica-Dominant (5-pack)

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Since I've already done two similar reviews, I'll keep this one short & sweet.  Simple Cure is one of the few companies in my state's medical marijuana industry that offers full-spectrum products made with native cannabis terpenes.  I'm pretty much hooked on their edibles, which include Sativa- and Indica-dominant gummies.  I've spent a pretty penny on them so I figured why not give the chocolates a try?

I have gastritis & GERD which make both acidic stuff like gummies AND dark chocolate problematic to eat, yet I do it anyway.  But the chocolates are smaller & thus require smaller amounts to bring about effects.  That also makes them a bit harder to micro-dose accurately (I'm a lightweight with THC as you know if you're a frequent reader).  They are somewhat messy too; I always have a hard time eating chocolate without bits breaking off & getting all over stuff.

Simple Cure Indica-Dominant Chocolates

Another downside with the chocolates is the higher calorie content--28 calories per piece compared to only 15 in the gummies.  Again, not a big deal when you eat as few per day as I do but it can add up if you eat entire packs in one sitting.  The chocolates taste more strongly of weed than the gummies too but it's not a huge issue unless you have a major aversion to the taste of hempy chlorophyll.  The point is to get the medicine down...not to enjoy the taste, right?

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Overall I give these Simple Cure Indica-dominant chocolates a 4.7 of 5 stars for effectiveness & price.  They get the job done better than the vast majority of edibles in this state & are reliably potent from one piece to the next with no variation in taste or effect.  I'll likely stick with the gummies as my mainstay due to the easier dosing, less mess & lower calorie content but would choose these in a heartbeat if the gummies weren't in stock.  They're still preferable to flower or other brands of edibles for me.

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