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[Review] - Natural Vitality Calm: Anti-Stress Gummies

Vendor:  Swanson  greatstarter2013
Location:  Indiana, USA.
Items:  Vitamin & mineral supplements.
Rating:  4.8 of 5 stars

Lately my heart has been pounding at rest & I nearly fainted after getting too hot in the bath, which quite frankly scared the living shit out of me.  After some thinking, I remembered my chronically low potassium levels that always show up on routine blood tests.  All of this plus muscle cramping--another miserable symptom I'd developed recently--are signs of potassium deficiency which can be dangerous or even deadly if severe.

Magnesium & potassium work together to control muscle contraction including that of the heart and are often deficient together, particularly in people with poor diets (me) who take diuretics (also me) or those with eating disorders who abuse laxatives (not me).  I picked up some potassium chloride salt substitute to address the potassium issue along with some magnesium to see if it helped.  The salt substitute is yummy, btw.

Image result for magnesium citrate meme
Magnesium citrate viral post :)

Magnesium citrate is best known as a potent laxative (see above) sold as a liquid in the freezer section of stores like CVS or Walgreen's, but it also comes in a weaker powder form that WON'T make you crap yourself in modest doses.  That's what's in Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress supplements.  The citrate is better absorbed than the oxide or chelate forms in many tablets which is why I opted to try it.  I was first turned on to the powder packets by a kratom vendor who sent me a sample of them many moons ago.  It had a mild calming effect that helped me wind down before bed.  According to Wikipedia, upwards of 50% of people are magnesium deficient today which is a little alarming.  Again, since I have the diet of an autistic 5-year-old, I most certainly have a magnesium shortage.  Unless you eat a lot of whole wheat, spinach, quinoa, almonds, dark chocolate & black beans (the top 5 magnesium-rich foods), you probably have a deficiency too.

Image result for calm magnesium citrate packets
Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Drink packets

Unfortunately, after waiting for the Swanson vendor's Calm Drink packets to show up for a week I was told it was out of stock & refunded, so I opted to pick up a similar product from a different vendor instead.  This review will be about the same brand of gummies with the same active ingredient (mag citrate) from vendor greatstarter2013.

Each serving of Natural Vitality Calm Gummies contains 83 mg elemental magnesium citrate; adults can take 4 gummies (servings) per day for a total of 332 mg.  There are 240 gummies in each bottle totaling 60 adult servings.  I paid $14.59 for the bottle which is a pretty reasonable price for 2 months' worth of magnesium.  I have GERD which means all tart candies irritate my stomach and these lemon raspberry-flavored ones are no different, but it's manageable at the small doses required. 

They don't really taste like lemon OR raspberry but are just sweet & tart enough to be palatable.  I prefer the taste of the gummies to drinking a cup or bottle of fizzy powder.  I feel moderately relaxed after eating 2 of them (166 mg) & somewhat drowsy after 4.  The taste grows on ya after a while.  It's not bad, especially for a supplement.  My bowels haven't moved yet but feel like they could.  It's great before a nighttime meditation session as it helps get your body in that relaxed state to lay still & be mindful.  💆

2 Calm gummies

Other ingredients include:  water, organic cane syrup, tapioca syrup & some other "organic" ingredients... as if that matters.  "Organic" is meaningless but if it makes some people feel better, so be it.  Black carrot root is used for color which is better than Red No. 40 or whatever.  The ratings for this product on eBay are universally positive, with its overall rating being 5 stars.

I give Natural Vitality Calm Anti-Stress Gummies from Swanson a 4.8 of 5 stars for effectiveness, flavor & ease of use.  It makes a great gentle stool softener & magnesium supplement, and it's not bad as a calming/anti-anxiety agent either (though not as potent as kava or phenibut).  Of course I'd like if it were a few bucks cheaper but really it's not bad for what you're getting.  The slightly sour taste irritates my stomach lining but what doesn't?  If you like tart candies or drinks you'll have no problem & may even be tempted to eat more than the recommended dose, but I wouldn't advise that or you may be running to the bathroom unexpectedly.  (See viral post above). 

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