Friday, July 10, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Edibles: Dixie Tarts

I was so impressed with Dixie's gummies that I figured the tarts would be even better.  Who doesn't love SweeTarts, Smarties & other sour hard candies?  I sometimes get intense cravings for sour candy that are overpowering (which probably means I have some kind of deficiency, heh).  So I tend to prefer this type of edible to chocolates or savory options.  In any case, I grabbed one box of the Tarts on my last dispensary trip which I'll be reviewing for you here.

Unlike the gummies, Dixie Tarts only come in one strain (Hybrid) but they contain 3 flavors per container:  grape, lemon & cherry.  The gummies are single-flavor.  The tarts are also smaller than the gummies but large enough to make microdosing doable if you want to break them into pieces.  And they are more convenient for summertime use because they don't melt & the container is much smaller--just a little box that fits in the palm of your hand or purse/backpack.

Box with quarter for comparison

They smell delicious upon opening, though the container is a bit hard to finagle.  The taste is somewhat less yummy though still satisfies that sour/sweet craving if you don't mind the faint flavor of reefer.  The instructions say to "let the tart fully dissolve in your mouth for quicker uptake" but I just chewed mine.  It says "30 minute onset" on the back but edibles always hit me instantly for some reason.  The tarts are chewy rather than crunchy which definitely helps with dosing.  The texture reminds me of those giant chewy SweeTarts from back in the day (wonder if they still make those?)  Each tart has 10mg THC with 100mg per box.  I paid $24 for one box.

Actual Dixie Tart (left)

Not really seeing any downsides so far unless you just prefer the gummies.  The taste is definitely more weedy but that's fine by me since I only take small doses at a time anyway.  They'd be ideal for concerts, festivals or other outdoor activities where gummies or other sticky edibles would melt in the heat.  The real test is whether they get you medicated, and the answer is YES.  Dixie is a quality brand that's been sought after nationwide since Colorado was the only legal state. 

I give Dixie Tarts a 4.8 of 5 stars for effectiveness, flavor & convenience of use.  I'd rate the gummies sliiiiightly higher in the taste department but the tarts are more convenient overall due to the texture & size.  More discreet too.  I've only tried the cherry flavor so far but I'm a fan (the cherry & grape look an awful lot alike in terms of color...had to do a taste test to be sure).  Will def be buying more of these sour bois.  

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