Monday, July 13, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Durban Poison

It's finally happened:  Baby's first landrace!  I originally thought my Maui Wowie was a landrace but no, it's technically just a "classic" strain.  But Durban Poison is the real deal:  a strain that originated in Africa & became genetically accustomed to the climate, soil, nutrients & other environmental factors unique to that region over many generations.  In other words, it's native and unmolested by breeders who, in their drive to create the most potent/tasty bud, have driven landraces to near extinction.  That's what makes them so special today.  

Durban Poison is a powerhouse sativa originating in the city of Durban, South Africa.  The smell is described as somewhat like aniseed or licorice and the effects highly energizing, making it a wake-and-bake strain all the way.  It was popularized in the 1970s by Ed Rosenthal, who selectively bred it to increase resin production.  My cut contains an impressive 20.8% THC and is rich in terpinolene, ocimene & pinene.  I paid $6 for a half-gram of this uplifting landrace baddie.  She is a pure sativa with no indica genes--a rare find today.  Will need to adjust my dose accordingly to avoid paranoia.  This strain is said to be rich in THCv, which causes appetite suppression & some of the cannabis plant's more psychedelic/stimulating effects.  Levels can reach up to 1% THCv in some cuts.  

Durban poison nug

Upon opening the bottle I'm hit with a beautiful smell, though I wouldn't describe it as licorice or anise.  More like a zesty floral bouquet of...something.  Maybe on the lime end of the citrus spectrum?  But not quite.  That's the color I'm seeing when I sniff it:  light green with after-notes of orange.  It truly is a treat for the nose.  The nugs are conical and lightish green with trichomes covering every millimeter of the foliage.  But now for the good part.  (Not the picture because my camera is trash).  

I do my regular hemp + marijuana joint combo with about 60% hemp & 40% weed in a skinny ass white grape flavored joint.  The taste of this strain is nothing to write home about but at least it's cured well & burns evenly.  (It's 100+ degrees outside so I kinda wish it'd hurry up & burn faster lol).  My head feels clear & my vision crisp after finishing it.  No paranoia or pounding heart in sight.   I started this day with a banging headache & lack of sleep so I'm probably not getting the full Durban experience as my mood/pain levels are not at baseline to start.            

White grape Durban Poison joint

The comedown is smooth: no fatigue or brain fog in sight.  But I wouldn't exactly classify the high as 'motivational' either.  For me it was right in the middle--cleared up the cobwebs in my throbbing head without drowsiness OR stimulation.  This ain't Green Crack, in other words.  Maybe higher doses would be more "up" but in this case it was a nice evening strain to end a shitty day.  My tolerance is also elevated due to trying out some edibles yesterday so again, this wasn't a baseline reading.  

My initial impression of Durban Poison is a 4.8 of 5 stars for its balanced effects & mental clarity.  The aroma is unique if that's your thing and the nugs are gorgeous, but the taste was rather bland in my case.  My first experience was pretty middle-of-the-road but as stated above, my brain was not at baseline when I smoked it.  Check this review again for updates.  

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