Friday, July 24, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Cookie Wreck

I've saved the most potent strain for my final review in this series:  Cookie Wreck.  This strain is a hybrid cross between Trainwreck & Girl Scout Cookie--two powerhouses in their own right.  It was created by CannaVenture Seeds & is promoted as a pain-relieving relaxant that's best reserved for night-time use by veteran tokers due to its high THC content (upwards of 20% on average).

I originally wanted Sequoia Strawberry but they were fresh out at the dispo, so they substituted Cookie Wreck.  Not optimal since I'm more of a non-limonene Sativa lover, but what they hey?  I was a fan of Girl Scout Cookie when I lived on the West Coast so might as well give this a try.  I got a gram for $5.  Upon popping the lid, I'm greeted by a stout stench of overripe citrus fruit & skunk that actually does smell a bit like vanilla cookies when broken up.  My sample contains a whopping 25.9% THC & 0.1% CBD; the most prominent terps are limonene, b-caryophyllene & humulene.  I'm no limonene fan so whether I'll like this strain remains to be seen.  Terpenes are the metric by which I predict which strains I'll like.  I suggest you do the same.

It's poorly dried which is a bummer.  (What's up with these medical strains not being up to par right now?  Nobody wants to roll wet weed up in a joint but I try my best).  The flowers are compact & fat like Indicas, though she's described as a 'nighttime Hybrid' on  Since limonene is the most abundant terpene, I assume Cookie Wreck will cause some drowsiness because that tends to be the effect I get despite it being promoted as an alertness aid.  Hence why I avoid it.  I hate being tired.  But I attempt to go into this with an open mind, not reading any reviews before trying her out.  I never do anyway because it's too easy to influence the experience.

But I digress.

The joint burnt erratically but eventually evened out by the end.  I could already feel myself getting wasted by the last 1/3rd of the roach so I put it out a bit prematurely.  Usually when I get this high there's some anxiety, but not this time.  I went inside & watched a bunch of Youtube vids while giggling happily--totally immersed.  My body is deeply relaxed but not tired & I feel kinda horny.  This is a great mashup of heavy body effects & mental alertness, though it leans more toward the relaxing end of the spectrum.  Can definitely feel the Girl Scout Cookie influence in there.

Vanilla ice cream Cookie Wreck joint

The comedown is smooth & gentle.  No moodiness or unwanted sedation.  I'm pleasantly surprised by this strain as I'm usually not a big hybrid fan.  The lack of paranoia & sleepiness is awesome given the high limonene content.  I'm giving Cookie Wreck a 4.9 of 5 stars for potency, quality of effects & price.  I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a social lubricant or something to unwind with after a hard day, or anybody with a high tolerance.  That 25% THC content is coming through like a ton of bricks.  The high is lasting a long time too.  Really getting my money's worth with this strain.

After a second go-round with it, I'm confirming what I thought the first time:  Cookie Wreck is unadulterated FUN.  Don't pass this by if you run into it, especially if you're a fan of Girl Scout Cookie.  While high THC isn't always an indicator of a pleasant experience, with Cookie Wreck it is.  This is my favorite strain of the 5 I picked up this time which I was not expecting.  Might have to open my mind to more hybrids or, dare I say, limonene-rich strains?  😲

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