Sunday, July 26, 2020

[Review] - Hemp Flower: Horn Creek Hemp Co. - Lifter (7 grams)

Vendor:  Horn Creek Hemp Co.
Location:  Oregon, USA
Items:  CBD flower, gummies, pre-rolls & kief
Rating:  4.6 of 5 stars

Since I've been smoking so much during quarantine, it's already time to buy more hemp flower.  I was perfectly happy with the stuff I got last time from Canna Haus Farms but for the sake of blogging I decided to branch out & try a different vendor.  After about 45 minutes of shopping, I settled on Horn Creek Hemp Co, a company based outside Jacksonville, Oregon. 

My specifications are simple:  High-CBD hemp that's well dried & trimmed, preferably somewhat cured so it burns smoothly.  No mold or bugs.  But the well-dried part is really the biggest sticking point for me because I'm not looking for the "best" hemp in terms of CBD content or whatever--I just need something to fill my joints because I can't tolerate a full joint of medical-grade cannabis.  Lame, I know.  But here we are. 

Fattest Lifter bud

I went with Horn Creek Hemp because they have a variety of items at many price points, none of which seems excessive.  Many websites I visited only sell "premium" buds that cost $40+ for 5-7 grams, which is outside my range.  Those are marijuana prices if we're being honest.  But Horn Creek has 4 categories:  "High CBD Hemp Flower" (big premium nugs); "Kief & CBD Products" (gummies, kief & pre-rolls); "Quick-Dried Hemp Flower" (buds dried in 24-hours sold at a discount) and "Sale Items" (assortment of small buds & other discounted items).  I bought my stuff from the "High CBD Hemp Flower" category.  Big fat buds.  

The selection is impressive--many strains to choose from including Suver Haze, Sour Space Candy, Elektra & Special Sauce to name a few.  I settled on Lifter, a popular strain that's the lovechild of Haze x Special Sauce x ERB with a CBDa content of 19.5%.  It had a ton of positive reviews & the photos looked bomb so why not?  7 grams cost $27.50 after applying my discount from Reddit's /r/CBDflower spreadsheet (discount code:  "HORNCREEK25").  Plus, I got 3 free pre-rolls after answering a one-question survey about where I heard of the site.  They also threw in a hemp wick on top of that.  Bonus! 

THC disclaimer, thank you card & beeswax hemp wick

My order arrived under a week after ordering.  I got First Class shipping because Priority was $8.  The size of the buds is quite impressive.  They're fat and smell strongly of citrus and pine.  There are very few to no seeds which is a big plus.  The only real downside is that they're extremely sticky and damp-feeling.  I can't tell if they're poorly dried or just super sticky but they don't break up easily and the stems don't snap like they should.  

I take them out of their pouch, break them up into smaller buds and let them set out in an open jar to dry them in the hopes that'll speed up the process & prevent mildew growth.  The package says they're "machine trimmed & outdoor air-dried".  I assume they're not cured at all.  No idea if that's the norm for hemp but my last order of small buds was much more thoroughly dried.  Gonna have to knock a few points off for this since "well-dried" is one of my main requirements.  

Luckily I still have some of my old hemp left so I have plenty of time to dry & cure this stuff.  But if you need something that's ready to smoke NOW, you might wanna go with another vendor.  It burns in a bowl but not worth a shit in a joint which is my preferred method of consumption.  To remedy the situation I leave the buds in an open jar during the day & put the lid on at night to do a half-assed dry/cure job myself.  When I finally pick out a bud to smoke, it burns okay-ish but still has a way to go in the cure department.  

I'm incredibly grateful for the generosity and freebies as well as the fast shipping.  That said, I can't let the poor drying/curing job slide which is why I'm giving Horn Creek Hemp Co.'s Lifter a 4.6 of 5 stars for quality.  The price was very fair overall, they just need to work on their drying technique.  I  haven't weighed it after doing my DIY dry/cure but I assume it lost some weight too.  Bummer.  This wasn't even their fast-dried kiln product so I can't imagine what that must look like.    

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