Tuesday, September 22, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Apollo 13

Designed by the Colorado-based Brothers Grimm, Apollo 13 is an 85% Sativa cross between Princess 75 and Genius.  (Two strains I've never heard of).  According to Leafly, Apollo 13 is "extremely rare" as only 500 seeds came from the original cuttings.  Fittingly, there are only 151 reviews on the site.  It clocks in at an average of 19% THC and leans HEAVILY toward the energizing end of the spectrum.  

My cut contains 23.3% THC and 0.81% CBD.  The most prominent terps are linalool, myrcene & caryophyllene.  It was sold at a discount so I picked up 2 grams for $7.  The smell is light & inoffensive--very similar to my Lifter hemp buds, actually.  Mild citrus & herbal notes.  The dry job is moderate to poor & bag appeal is non-existent.  The hemp actually looks better than the Apollo.  Nugs are compact & tiny with giant stems.  I'm surprised there aren't seeds.  But as with the Maui Wowie, I'm not judging this book by its cover as I've learned looks don't mean shit when it comes to effects.  

Apollo 13

I chose blueberry papers for this strain because why not?  Seemed fitting.  Headed out to the usual field to find my smoking partner (orange kitty) and lit her up.  The taste was bland & so was the high.  Potent but nothing to write home about in the effects department.  I felt a bit agitated, more so than when I started.  One thing I did feel was extreme hunger.  Ended up devouring 3/4ths of a pizza meant for a whole family.  Was disgusted with myself for that.  Some people don't mind munchies but I'm not one of those people.  All the while, my focus was sharp... on shoving the pizza down my piehole.  Not very useful lol.  
Overall I'm giving Apollo 13 a 4.5 of 5 stars for bag appeal, effects & flavor.  The only real positive was the price which is why I picked up 2 grams.  Kinda kicking myself for that now.  It's a great strain if you want to pack on a few pounds & don't mind feeling tightly wound for several hours.  In all seriousness, it was probably the quality (or lack thereof) of the grow that was the problem rather than the strain itself.  It has good reviews on Wikileaf with some users saying it's their fave strain of all time so if you're a Sativa fan, give it a try.  Just make sure it doesn't look like mid-grade hemp flower like mine.  

Apollo 13 container

Apollo 13 is said to be useful for ADHD & nausea which I can definitely see in retrospect.  My focus was sharp but not in a way that was comfortable.  I already take a stimulant so maybe that's the issue.  The rarity of the strain also makes it a novelty so any true connoisseur (of Sativas especially) should pick it up if they see it.  

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