Wednesday, September 16, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Crescendo

Crescendo is a less common gem that's highly sought after by connoisseurs & medical patients alike for its potent, balanced effects.  Some sites say it's Indica-dominant while others claim it's Sativa-dom, but one thing's for sure:  the THC content is out of this world.  It's the lovechild of Chemdog, I-95 & Mandarin Cookies and was originally created in Denver, CO by Ethos Genetics.  Their website stays sold out of seeds for this strain if that tells you anything.  
After researching this strain, I decided to drop a little more $ on it since the reviews were so good.  I ended up spending $15 for a gram which isn't a lot but for me it kinda is.  My cut contains 25.1% THC & is rich in nerolidol, caryophyllene & humulene--some terpenes you don't see every day.  The flowers smell sweet & acidic which seems contradictory but that's the best I can do explaining it.  They're healthy sized & covered in trichs.  


I smoke it the usual way:  with some hemp bud (Lifter) in a blackberry joint, burning through only half the joint in one go.  The weather is actually tolerable tonight & the sunset is gorgeous so I take my time circling the backyard with the doggo.  I'm definitely feeling fuzzy in the head--I referred to a cow as "dog," lol.  Laughter comes easy & colors are enhanced/sharpened.  This is potent for sure.  A whole joint would be too much for me even at the low dose I put in.  
I feel that typical Sativa mind-bending effect but without any paranoia or racing heart, which is nice.  Slight fleeting horniness too.  I think if I hadn't taken a Xanax last night I'd be feeling REALLY good right now.  Damn benzo comedown.  This seems like the right strain to drop extra money on so I'm glad I picked it up.  There's a bit more mindfuck than I'd like but again, not sure how much last night's Xanax is affecting my brain.  

Crescendo container

Overall I give Crescendo a 4.8 of 5 stars for potency, bag appeal & cure.  I'll have to give her another go when my brain is in a better state.  I've been feeling out of sorts this whole afternoon (predictably) but for now I'm pretty impressed.  It beats Blueberry Headband, Durban Poison & Bruce Banner in the happiness department & is similar to Maui Wowie in terms of THC content & Sativa feel.  But with slightly more euphoria & body stone.  The comedown is smooth & gradual; no drowsy drop-off or irritability like I sometimes get.  
I'd recommend Crescendo for anyone with a high tolerance or cannabis connoisseurs looking for something with a unique & rare terpene profile.  If you can find it, that is.  There are only 29 reviews on Leafly compared to over 2,000 for Strawberry Cough.  

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