Saturday, September 12, 2020

[Review] - Medical Cannabis: Kief

My bestie picked up some kief at our brand new local dispensary where things are way overpriced but within walking distance so I felt compelled to write a quick review.  It's my first time trying kief so I was apprehensive as I've read it's about 4x stronger than cannabis flower which is already overpowering for me.  She picked up a gram of kief of unknown strain/origin for $65.  Yeah, not cheap.

1 gram kief

As I do with cannabis flower, I sprinkle the kief in with hemp bud in a joint to balance out the THC & avoid getting too high.  I use the long end of a Bic ink pen lid to scoop out the powdery kief material which works pretty well.  No idea how much kief I actually put in there in terms of weight...sorry.  But it appears to be the circumference of a nickel maybe?  I roll it all up in a marshmallow flavored joint & head for the hills on a cloudy September afternoon to shmoke.

As per usual, I only smoke half the joint to avoid getting too blazed.  This was a good decision as the kief is pretty potent.  The hemp burns more evenly than any of the weed flower I've bought around here, as all of it is poorly dried.  This results in a slow-burning joint that gets me nice & toasted.  The high is more cerebral & energetic than I'm used to which is nice.  No pounding heart like with some Sativas though, possibly due to the balancing effect of the CBD-rich hemp.  (It's the batch I got from Horn Creek Hemp Co. that I had to cure myself).  Very clear-headed high with no lethargic comedown.  This is a nice departure from my usual smoking fare.

Kief + hemp joint

Kief has many uses, from crowning bowls of weed to pressing into hash, rosin or use in moonrocks and cannabutter.  You can apparently put it in a hot cup of coffee or tea with milk or another fat too.  Overall I rate this kief  4.8 of 5 stars  for potency & effects with a few points deducted for the high price.  It's not branded as it is made by the dispensary itself but kief is kief.
(I really only wanted to review it so I have an excuse to show off my new camera's picture-taking abilities.  More reviews will be forthcoming in the upcoming weeks but I hope you enjoyed this one for now).  

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