Saturday, December 12, 2020

Winter is Depressant/Opioid Season

Unto every season there is a drug; unto every drug there is a season.  And winter happens to be depressant/opiate season.  This class of drugs is relaxing & serves as a social lubricant to millions of shy, socially anxious types around the globe.  Winter is a time of introspection, social festivities, retreat from the cold & endings/conclusions.  Depressants are the ideal fit for this time of year.  There's a reason people drink on New Year's Eve & seek out the warm, comforting effects of pain relievers during the bone-chilling weeks between Christmas & Valentine's Day.  While these drugs have potential addicting effects, they can also be quite fortifying when used responsibly during the chilly winter months. 

Don't have access to benzos, booze or opioids?  No problem.  Simply meditate on their effects or journal about a memory you've had with them to bring their positive effects into the present moment.  For a safer experience, try kava-kava, Valerian root or kratom for a plant-based depressant buzz.  And follow me on Twitter @BannedintheUSSA for lots of posts & articles about opioids & depressants all season. 

Happy Winter!  Be well!  ❄

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