Thursday, December 17, 2020

Favorite Cannabis Strains of 2020

If you've followed this blog, you've seen my incessant cannabis flower reviews.  (I'm kinda obsessed with weed strains if you haven't noticed).  If you haven't, here's a short breakdown of what they're about:  The samples all come from medical dispensaries in my state with each strain being researched extensively to create a well-informed review.  But I make a point NOT to read others' reviews before sampling them so as to avoid influencing my opinion.  Placebo effect is all too real.  

Out of all the strains I've tried in 2020, I decided to keep a running list of my very favorites--the cream of the crop so to speak.  The most euphoric, soaring, tingly, giggly, uplifting strains of the bunch.  I have anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue which makes picking the right strain a bit difficult.  I need something that's uplifting and energizing without triggering anxiety and paranoia.  To complicate matters, sativas and indicas affect me backwards, with sativas making me tired and indicas being neutral.  At first I just kept this list for personal reasons so I could remember what I like but I figured, "what the heck?" Why not share it with my readers so they can decide for themselves?  Hopefully this will be a recurring article at the end of every year.  Guess it depends on me keeping my medical card current, hah.  

Without further ado, here are my Top 3 medical marijuana strains of 2020:

#3.)  Golden Goat - This strain is described as "MDMA-lite" and that's actually pretty accurate.  Or as accurate as it can be with weed.  Golden Goat induces a serotonin-esque feeling of relaxation behind the eyes that make them want to roll back in the head like what happens with the onset of Adderall or a light dose of MDMA.  It also scrambles your brain and messes with your cognition in a similar manner, making focus and problem-solving near impossible.  This is definitely a strain for maxin' and relaxin' with friends, not getting mental work done.  I originally rated it 4.7 of 5 stars but had to revise that to 4.9 after repeated tests when I was feeling better (aka not having a benzo comedown).  

#2.)  Cookie Wreck - To sum it up, Cookie Wreck is good, clean FUN.  Happy horny bud with no strings attached.  No drowsy comedown or anxiety.  A great social lubricant that will get you immersed in whatever you're doing, whether it's watching a tutorial on Youtube or doing stoned naked yoga (if that's your thing).  The high limonene content would've discouraged me from even picking this up but it was a substitute chosen by the budtender so I went with it only to be happily surprised.  If you see it, pick it up.  Especially if you like the GSC/Cookie line.  I also gave this one a 4.9 of 5 stars though I prefer it over Golden Goat by a tiny margin.  

#1.)  GMO Cookies - If I had to choose 1 word to describe GMO Cookies, it would be:  potent.  This stuff blew my wig back for REAL.  I've never smoked anything like it in my life and that's not hyperbole.  Like I wrote in my original review, it doesn't even feel entirely like weed.  It's sort of like its own trippy substance.  At 30% THC it smacks you in the face with the first toke, which is enough to keep you stoned for hours.  Because it's indica-dominant, the high isn't overwhelming in the anxiety/paranoia sense but you WILL feel impaired.  Your body numb, your eyes heavy and your mind carefree.  If you keep puffing, prepare for a 4-hour minimum trip to the Stone Zone.  And it tends to come in waves.  Put it in a one-hitter and make it last.  Every stoner should try GMO Cookies at least once.  My sample was nothing but shake and it ranked #1 out of every strain I tried in 2020 which should tell you something.  The only 5 star strain I've found yet.  

So what were YOUR favorite strains of 2020?   Share in the comments!  🥦

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