Sunday, May 3, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: Golden Goat

For my 2nd piece in this trilogy I'll be reviewing Golden Goat, one of the most popular strains in the mmj business around these parts.  Not many weed products can claim Topeka, Kansas as their motherland, but that's where Golden Goat was born when a Hawaiian-Romulan male accidentally pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk.  With only 1,257 reviews on Leafly, Golden Goat is less common than some strains yet the name is well-known.  It's a hybrid that leans strongly toward the energizing end of the spectrum with primarily fruity terpenes.

My cut contains 19.6% THC & has no official terpene count on the container.  Perhaps that's why it only cost $3 per half-gram?  No matter.  The smell is musky like a man's cologne and more toward the citrus end of the spectrum, though definitely not lemony or lime.  It's more of a sweet orange scent if I had to pin it down.  Its effects are described as a rush of creative euphoria.  One reviewer on Leafly even compared it to MDMA which I find it hard to believe, but we shall see.

Golden Goat flower (1/2 gram)

As with the Blue Dream, I'll be mixing this one with hemp buds to test it out.  This time in a pinner joint.  It's an overcast day & I'm headed outside to smoke in an empty pasture by my house with the dog.  I put a lot of The Goat in the joint this time so I'll probably only take a few hits.

That prediction was correct.

After only about 4 tokes, I'm feeling sufficiently stoned so I put it out on my shoe & keep walking.  The taste is nothing to write home about but that could be due to the joint being mixed with hemp buds.  The high feels mostly euphoric but with a strange dash of mental confusion thrown in.  I can't find words or think of things as quickly as I'd like which is bringing the experience down a tad.  The effects are hitting right behind the eyes, making them feel squinty but not overly dry.  It's definitely not on par with MDMA like the Leafly reviewer claimed (duh), but I can kinda see where they're coming from.  This is definitely happy weed, but not "clever" weed like some Sativas that help with focus.  Great for a festive Summer day at the lake or a backyard BBQ with friends--not so much for acing an exam.   

Blue Dream (left); Golden Goat on the right.

The comedown is pretty unremarkable; no fatigue or drowsiness like with the Blue Dream.  In conclusion, I give Golden Goat a 4.9 of 5 stars for effects & price.  It gets the job done in the intoxication department & the price is definitely right, but the smell & bag appeal are nothing to write home about.  I can see why it was priced lower than the other two strains I picked up.  Still, I'd gladly stock up on a higher grade cut of Golden Goat because it fulfills my desires for an uplifting, mood-boosting strain.  (I have depression that's only helped about 10% by my antidepressants).

I recommend this strain to anyone looking for a giggly, euphoric Sativa-dominant weed.  As stated before, Sativas aren't really my thing & tend to have the opposite effect on me, making me lethargic rather than energized.  But Golden Goat is a nice compromise in the stimulation/sedation department.  Not overly rich in lemon terps which are usually my least favorite.

Update:  After finishing the whole half-gram, I changed the rating from 4.7 to 4.9.  This strain became my favorite of the 3 I picked up on this dispensary run.  For whatever reason it just wasn't hitting me right the first time but it's definitely the most enjoyable overall.  There is an element of empathogenic effect to it so I'll be picking up more if they have it next time.  Golden Goat is the G.O.A.T.!  

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