Tuesday, May 5, 2020

[Review] - Cannabis Flower: East Coast Sour Diesel

Thank Jah for medical marijuana being deemed 'essential' during these tough times, and also for these half-grams currently available at my local dispo.  I was able to snatch up a nice little sample pack of 3 different strains to review for y'all for a grand total of $13 (plus a few bucks tax).

After my last experiment with Golden Goat, I saved the rarest of the pile for last:  East Coast Sour Diesel.  This long-fabled strain is not the same as the more common "Sour Diesel" or "NYC Diesel", though it is related to the former.  ECSD only has 233 reviews on Leafly & isn't very widely available even on the legal market despite its popularity.  It's described as a "fast-acting attitude lifter" that's both potent & energizing, leaning heavily toward the Sativa end of the spectrum.  (I'm more of an Indica fan but couldn't pass this by).  The reviews online consistently list it as one of the greatest Sativas & use adjectives like 'heady,' 'uplifting' & 'stimulating' to describe its effects.

The strain itself is a variant of Sour Diesel that was created by East Coast breeders, while the (plain) Sour Diesel strain was born on the West Coast.  ECSD was big in the late '90s & early '00s but is now said to only be available in clone form.  Connoisseurs say the high is speedy, uber-creative & borderline psychedelic like a true Sativa yet nobody seems to know where to find any.  Hence I'm a bit skeptical that what I have is the real thing, but it DID come from a licensed medical dispensary so there's that.  The cone-shaped buds definitely look like what's described online so I suspect mine is the genuine article.

ECSD container

Upon opening the bottle, I'm hit with a citrus-y scent of moderate potency.  There's a pungent after-note but nothing too diesel-like.  The THC content is a whopping 21%, with CBD coming in at 1.30%.  I'm also pleased to see some terpene percentages on the container:  Linalool: 1%, Beta-caryophyllene: 0.70% & Myrcene: 0.50%.  If you follow my weed reviews, you'll know this is WAY too powerful for my wimpy tolerance so I pack a small amount a thin joint along with hemp flower to try it out.

Since this strain is a potent Sativa I don't plan on smoking much at all so as not to get too paranoid.  I ate half a Simple Cure 10mg gummy right before getting "invited" on my smoke-walk with a friend so I'm a bit nervous about getting too high, but luckily that doesn't happen.  I smoke the half-joint without issue & actually feel pretty dandy.  Lots of giggles & crystal clear vision.  I'm able to enjoy the windless, sunny day with a new vigor after hitting the ECSD.

East Coast Diesel flower

I already have a nice stash of NYC Diesel Auto that I grew myself, so it's interesting to see how other variants measure up.  I'd say ECSD is less anxiety-producing than NYC Diesel, or maybe my tolerance has just increased since I last smoked the other stuff.  The smell of the dried ECSD is definitely danker, though the NYCD was pretty smelly while growing on the vine.  If you're a fan of the Diesel family you shouldn't pass this one by if you run into it in the wild, if only because it's so rare.

I give East Coast Sour Diesel a 4.7 of 5 stars for effects & price.  I think it might be my favorite of all the Diesels I've tried so far:  crisp, energizing & uplifting in the mood department.  It's all head & no body high, making it great for depression, spasticity, ADHD, fatigue & appetite stimulation.  Skip it if you have weed-induced anxiety or paranoia or a low THC tolerance.

Update:  After further review, this strain became my least fave of the bunch.  Had to downgrade it to 4.7 from the original 4.9 stars as it's just too potent & citrusy for my taste.  Causes that paranoid/drowsy effect I don't like.  Still glad I got to try such a rare strain & recommend it to anyone who's a fan of gassy Sativas.  

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